100% Working List of Proxy Sites and Mirrors for EZTV Torrent in 2018

EZTV is a popular torrent site and has been one of our favorites since its inception due to its quality contents and regular updates of the database which keeps including new movies and TV shows. We don’t actually support pirating contents online because it hurts the interests of artists and creative people after all, but what if we are too busy to get time to go multiplex? Sometimes due to work pressure, we engraved into too much deep necked tasks that we hardly get time to enjoy a movie on a screen. At that time sites like EZTV act as the last resort to get the latest movies or TV series.



EZTV doesn’t let us compromise with the qualities of any movie or TV show at all as a maximum of its contents are in full HD. It got a whole excellent bunch of uploaders who keep updating the database with new shows and movie.

After numerous complaints from movie makers and other creative producers, many countries have banned Torrent sites in order to put a full stop on illegal piracy of contents. Search engines and data providers have blocked many sites including EZTV is some parts of the world due to its immense popularity. So if you are someone who tried a lot but could not get any luck in opening EZTV on your system then don’t lose hope as there’re a number of other ways to keep accessing the site that we all used to love a lot.

First of all, as we have mentioned that the sites have been blocked in some parts of the world, not in all parts of the world of course. So using a VPN connection, you can simply change your remote system location and access that similar content which is blocked at your native system location!  It’s a magic but unfortunately, the VPNs don’t come at free of cost at all. These have various subscription plans depending upon the usage and terms of subscription.

If you don’t want to pay for any service and still want the EZTV live on your system then there’s another way to access those excellent HD contents. For this, we need the mirror sites of EZTV. Let me give you a brief on what the mirror sites are. Mirror sites are nothing but some replicated sites of the actual site with all links directly connected with the database of the main site that’s blocked in some parts in our world. Probably that’s why these are called mirror sites. you must try proxy sites for EZTV Torrent on this page

Mirror sites are also get blocked by the authorities if found. But as they keep going on blocking, more sites with new TLD get opened so that accessing the contents never get stopped in any way.

Accessing these mirror sites neither attracts legal issues nor any kind of supervision from the Government. As long as the sites are online, as a user you can access those, Government can only advise you not to do so. That’s all.

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