Best WiFi Analysers for Mac You can Use to Diagnose Wireless Connectivity Issues

WiFi Analysers for Mac: The modern generation of tech-savvy people depends on the internet heavily to carry out their daily tasks be it at the workplace or at home. Apart from work, the internet is also used to get the latest information about weather, local and international news updates, online booking of tickets for flights and movies and also for recreational purposes like playing online games and chatting on social media.

Most of the internet users use either wired connections or wireless networks like WiFi. While wired connections are mostly used on PC and laptops, we generally use WiFi connections to connect our Android, iOS or Mac devices to the internet. This calls for mandatory checking of our wireless network connections on a regular basis to detect performance and connectivity issues. To get the most out of your WiFi network and also improve the overall performance, we are going to discuss some of the best WiFi Analysers for Mac that you can use on your macOS powered devices.

Best WiFi Analysers for Mac (Updated 2018)

The WiFi analyser tools for Mac that we have mentioned below will enable you to detect dead spots quickly and also help you to improve connectivity speeds of your WiFi network in the area. It is also important to note that these tools will only work with the built-in adapter of your Mac device. So be sure to use only the built-in adapter.

  • macOS WiFi Analyser

macOS WiFi Analyser

macOS comes with a built-in WiFi diagnostic tool of its own that can help you to diagnose connectivity issues and also provide detailed information about the performance of your WiFi network. You can also scan all the available networks and get a summary of all the channels that are available. Apart from that, it can also suggest the best channel to use to get optimal performance from the network and can be used to monitor the performance too. To use the WiFi analyzer tool you can click on the WiFi icon on the menu bar while holding the option key. Then click on “Open Wireless Diagnostics” to open the WiFi analyser tool.

Price: Free (comes inbuilt in macOS)

  • AirRadar


AirRadar is one of the best WiFi scanners for Mac devices that uses GPS technology to create a map of all the available wireless networks and is constantly updated. The app will help you to detect the strongest wireless network available in your vicinity easily. The app can also scan for all the available open wireless networks available in an area, remember the locations and save the details in a database of its own. When you want to use the internet again, you can simply launch the AirRadar app to get all the information about local WiFi networks available in your area.

Price: Free Trial followed by a paid subscription

Get AirRadar here

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  • WiFi Explorer
WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer is one of the top-rated WiFi analyser apps for Mac. The app can be used to monitor, regulate and also troubleshoot your WiFi network very easily. It produces real-time graphs of all the available networks, signal strength and other network details to aid you in diagnosing the issues of the network quickly. Additionally, the app can also provide the details of networks your device can connect to so that you get access to the strongest network always. The app can also store all the data for later review which can be exported as a CSV file.

Price: $19.99 (one time)

Get WiFi Explorer here

  • NetSpot


NetSpot is a great WiFi network scanner for Mac that you can use to detect dead spots in your local area and also optimize them to get the best out of your WiFi network always. NetSopt offers the most convenient option to diagnose network coverage issues, improve signal level, reduce external noise interferences and access point configurations. The app can also collect and provide important connectivity and performance data of your network like the number of available channels, channel width, MAC address, maximum data rate etc. In addition, the app can also be used to analyse WLAN interference issues and rectify them quickly for optimum performance.

Price: $49 for Home, $149 for Pro and $499 for Enterprises.

Get NetSpot here

  • iStumbler


Next, on our list, we have iStumbler which is another great WiFi scanner tool for macOS that can detect WiFi networks along with Bluetooth and Bonjour services as well. The app has support for dual-band WiFi systems that operate at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. iStumbler can be used to get details about all the available wireless network along with their security and encryption details. The app also provides information about the signal strengths of the available networks so that you can access the strongest network in the area.

Price: $9.99

Get iStumbler here

  • WiFi Signal
WiFi Signal

WiFi Signal

WiFi Signal is another option you can use to get all the necessary details about your wireless network and its performance. The apps provide all the information right at your fingertips in a compact manner so that you can understand all the parameters easily. The app can be launched from the menu bar itself and is equipped to provide details like signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), maximum data rate and MCS index of your network. The only downside of this application is that does not have a WiFi network scanner to scan for all the other networks that may be available apart from the one you are connected to.

Price: $4.99

Get WiFi Signal here

Wrap Up

In most cases, the inbuilt WiFi diagnostic tool of macOS is more than enough to detect and resolve wireless network connectivity issues. However, if you want to analyse all the network parameters deeply and want to get all the necessary information in this regard then you may choose one from our list of the best Wifi analysers for Mac. You may use the comment section to provide any suggestions or inputs.

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