Why Time Clock Software Is More Convenient and Versatile Than Ever

Time Clock Software

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By now, you’ve probably heard of time clock software—but if you haven’t, it’s the latest form of time tracking that’s taking the business world by storm. While time clock software is relatively new, that doesn’t exclude it from the technology industry’s constant evolution. In other words, if you haven’t updated your time clock software recently, you might not know about some of the ways that it’s advanced, even in such a short period of time.

Keep reading to find out just how far time clock software has come!

The Basics of Time Clock Software

Before we delve deeper into the newest additions to time clock software, let’s review the basics: Namely, what is time clock software, and how does it work?

What Is It?

Time clock software is an online method of recording employees’ time on the clock. Thanks to cloud-based technology, employees are able to clock in and out on any Internet-connected device (desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.). This means that time clock software doesn’t require any new equipment and is extremely flexible in terms of use and application.

How Does It Work?

Your software provider will create an account for each of your employees. Employees will then log into their account at the beginning of every shift and, likewise, log out of their account at the end. This makes clocking in and out quick and easy while also ensuring accuracy.

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Time Clock Software Innovations and Upgrades

Like we said before, even if you already have time clock software, you might not know all of the innovations and upgrades that it’s experienced (and is continuing to experience, by the way). After all, nothing in the tech industry remains stagnant for very long—people are always looking for new ways to make technology more efficient and more effective, and time clock software is no different.

Login Options

Nowadays, most time clock software providers (well, the good ones, anyway) offer a few different options when it comes to login and clocking into a shift. The most notable, perhaps, is facial recognition, which uses a computer’s webcam—or the camera on a smartphone or tablet—to verify that the employee clocking in is who they say they are. Because this process is basically snapping a picture, it also makes it quick and easy for employees to clock in, even if they’re in a rush. Other login options include scannable QR codes, entering an email address, and, of course, username and password.

GPS Tracking

If you have workers whose job requires them to be on-the-go or to work from other locations, at some point, you’ve probably found yourself wondering if they’re actually where they’re supposed to be. Well, with time clock software, you don’t have to—because now you can use a GPS tracking feature to check in on them. Whether you view all of your employees’ coordinates together on one dashboard or look at them individually, you’ll never have to wonder again where they actually are.

Downloadable Reports and Exportable Data

Improved accuracy and comprehensive analysis are two key features that make time clock software a money-saver as well as a time-saver. Your software will compile automated reports from your employees’ timesheets (and any customized recorded data) that you can download in spreadsheets or save as PDFs. Not only does this mean cleaner, more in-depth bookkeeping, but it also can help you optimize your business by examining the way that your company spends time.

Whether you view data on an employee-by-employee basis or take a look at the company as a whole (or both), you’ll love how much information your time clock software has gathered for you to analyze. Image courtesy of Pexels.

Geofences and IP Locks

With time clock software, you have complete control over the accessibility of your company’s time clock. Thanks to geofences and IP locks, you can rest assured that no one is clocking in and out from outside of company property. But don’t worry, you can create and assign different limitations to different employees if you need to.

Scheduling Features

If you’ve heard of time clock software, odds are that you’ve heard of employee scheduling software as well. But if you haven’t, employee scheduling software is an online tool that allows you to build, share, and edit schedules for your employees. It’s no secret that scheduling can be a hassle, and employee scheduling software makes the whole process easier. But why have two types of software when you can have one? Luckily, most time clock software providers now include scheduling software as a feature on their software. This means that you can condense the number of tools that you’re using while still getting the benefits of both.


On that same note, time clock software can be integrated with other software and online tools that your business uses, like payroll, billing, and more. Easy integration means less administrative work, fewer mistakes, and more time in the workday. Individual tools can be a big help, but when multiple tools work together, it’s a gamechanger.

How Much Time—and Money—Can You Save?

Technology is streamlining business like never before, and even the staunchest traditionalists in the field have to admit that sometimes, change isn’t such a bad thing. Time clock software is quickly becoming a must-have for every kind of business, from large corporations to small startups. And as time progresses, there’s no doubt that time clock software will continue to evolve and get better—but that being said, it’s pretty great already.

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