The Best Sites to Watch Anime Online Legally in 2018 (Updated)

Watch Anime Online: Are you looking for options to enjoy anime online, and that too for free? Do you wish to remain unrestricted as far as genres and types of anime are concerned? Do you want to view the best products that globally famous studios like Studio Ghibli, Gainax, and Toei Animation have to offer? Then you are in the right place, for we have provided the best sites to watch these for free.

Over the last few years, as anime, not only from Japan but from over the globe, has gained in popularity, several sites have propped up which claim to offer animes for free. Not all of them are safe, however, and certainly, not all of them are legal. So, we have decided to provide you with only the safest and legal sites to watch anime online and that too without any cost!

Besides, we have chosen only those sites which offer a large variety of content that will not only keep you focused but will also enable you to discover newer and more numerous types and genres of anime. This list is not meant to be an exhaustive one and will be updated from time to time.

Great free animes watch online

Best Sites to Watch Anime Online (2018)

Keep in mind that we have focused on streaming sites more than downloading sites as the downloads take time. Before we go on to the list, ensure that you have a fast Internet connection.

> (Fan Favorite): In case you are a die-hard fan of various anime, 9anime is a perfect site for you. It has a fantastic collection of subbed and dubbed anime that has been sourced from various locations. On this list of the best sites to watch anime online, this site tops the list simply because of the volume of content that it offers. It is also the go-to site for subbed anime, something not too many sites provide.

Pros: Has a superb collection still unmatched. HTTPS secured site.

Cons: Recently, the advertising has become too much to digest and highly obtrusive.

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> Arguably one of the most popular anime websites in the world. The site offers unmatched content, variable resolutions, and is speed-optimized for consuming low-bandwidth. Note that this site uses JavaScript and does not work with mini browsers like Opera Mini or UC Browser Mini. To watch any anime, you do not need to register which is a pretty great thing.

Pros: Unmatched content variety and great quality

Cons: Does not work with mini browsers, so that is a thumbs-down.

> (Critics’ Choice): Hardly the new kid on the block, Masterani is one of the best anime sites and boasts an excellent GUI. The GUI is so good it looks like a premium platform, with each anime having its own (big) thumbnail and a pretty decent synopsis. These measures ensure that the viewer gets exactly what they are looking for. Also a great site for uninterrupted viewing of subbed animes.

Pros: Great collection, better UI. Fantastic user navigability.

Cons: Recent reviews indicate adverts have increased strikingly.

Watch anime online

Watch anime online

>Crunchyroll (Editor’s Choice): Crunchyroll has been in the business long enough for it to make up a sizeable database of followers who are dedicated. This is a premium site meaning that anime can be watched for free initially with users having to pay for their later viewings. The premium version will give you an ad-free experience as well as real-time updates to your favorite animes. Also, besides anime, this site is one of the best all-around sites for latest shows and manga discussions.

Recently, Crunchyroll has introduced a 14-Day Free Trial of its Crunchyroll Premium version. You can also watch unlimited anime from s little as $6.95/month. Cancellation anytime is also possible.

Pros: Unlimited content. Being a legal site, you also get to support the makers/developers

Cons: The paywall may act as a deterrent.

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>Viewster: Viewster too is a premium site for watching anime online. This is essentially a video streaming platform known for its fantastic anime collection. It has a pretty wide collection and a very active user forum making it a pretty good idea for those who like to be on the top of their games as far as modern anime is concerned. The prices are not too high and the content is watchable on every device.

Pros: Content rich. Also, the single greatest strength Viewster has is its user community.

Cons: Content may vary widely from one region to the other.

>Animelab: Animelab is the best paid site to watch anime online. The only problem is that it is available only in Australia and New Zealand. It is not available in any other country; however, it is usable from other countries using web-masking VPN technologies. It has a great content library and a modern, minimalistic approach towards the streaming of anime online. It costs about AUD 6 for watching dubbed or subbed anime.

Pros: Great content library. Fantastic UI

Cons: Accessible only from New Zealand and Australia.

HiDive: Watch anime online with HiDive. On offer is a lot of anime options in HD and the resolutions offered are also interesting. Simply like Crunchyroll, this site too provides movies, simulcasts, as well as dubbed animes & subseries. The latest releases and dubbed series of anime online are barriered by a paywall of $5. When you access this premium segment, you can watch all animes in 1080p.

Watch anime online

Watch anime online with HiDive

Pros: Accessible from around the world. Premium content.

Cons: Content lacks in range.

Final Words

In the end, we believe that this list of all the great sites to watch anime online will be helpful to you. This is a site that is continuously updated, so you should better stick around with us. Do browse this website for more great content on a variety of content.

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