The Development Keys in the Web Pages for 2019

In the past, programming was more than an art, since there were no tools and resources that we have at hand today and a lot of them totally free.

development keys in the web pages

Over the last 20 years, new and innovative technologies created to facilitate the development of applications, for mobile, computers, web and more, which today compete to become the perfect tool package, have emerged, which the developers need to develop and finalize their projects. Some of them are just keys in web development, which you need to have.

SSL Certificate – Google penalizes websites that do not have the secure hypertext transfer protocol (https) installed. Because its use is mandatory, offers security to the web and improves the SEO of it, we can think that more and more web will be implemented.

Ghost buttons – These are opaque buttons that have no background color or are transparent. Currently more and more these buttons are used in web marketing actions. This is because being transparent can be combined with background images creating more colourful buttons. With this you can highlight important actions on the web for the company as a CTA.

One Page Designs – Due to the importance of loading time at the SEO level, they are becoming more relevant. Its simple structure allows browsers to download webs quickly on mobile devices. They are also quick to modify and usually have high conversion rates. Its only drawback is that it is difficult to apply traditional SEO techniques in them.

Micro animations – A trend that is gaining more and more strength for 2019 are the micro animations. These are small animations that help the user to understand the site and that are activated by clicking or passing the mouse. These elements allow the user experience and satisfaction with the site to be much greater, as you can see on Aviatrix.

Use of Material Design – The use of material design continues to be a trend towards 2019. It is a framework of objects with reliefs and shadows in layers that allow to generate tangible sensations with them. It also facilitates the creation of responsive designs for websites.

Self-managed websites – Self-managed websites are those that allow you to create, edit and publish content directly without depending on third parties. Using self-managed websites allows greater control while the user has direct control in the management of the web. However, programming a web from scratch is not an easy task if you do not have the necessary knowledge.

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