The 5 Best Ways to Pass Five Minutes on Your Mobile

Time: many of us have lots of it to spare, but few of us really know how to make the most of it. It’s funny because most of us have within our grasp a smartphone, an ultra-powerful tool that can transport us to a realm of wonderment online. But between Netflix on the couch and hitting the gym, how efficiently are we using our downtime? Here are some ideas of how you can use your smartphone to add genuine value to your life.

Best Ways to Pass Five Minutes on Your Mobile

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#1 – Make Some Money

If you do have spare time at your disposal, why not make it pay? There are countless ways to make money online with your phone. Sign up to the myriad of apps and sites where you can get paid in cash and gift cards for completing surveys. Okay, you won’t be jetting off to the Maldives anytime soon, but if you make $5 per day on top of your day job, it soon adds up.

Have you got boxes of unworn clothes, CDs, DVDs, old phones and books taking up space? Why not create some room and make some money using apps such as Decluttr, Preloved or good old eBay. Or, you could also sign up to job sites such as PeoplePerHour or Upwork. Complete small tasks in a field you are skilled in and make some extra pocket money.

#2 – Exercise Your Mind

Puzzle games are all the rage with both iOS and Android owners. These are also a great way to exercise the mind while having some fun in the process, with The Room a particular favorite with many and old-school Tetris also enjoying a renaissance.

For those seeking a more strenuous grey matter workout, how about learning a new language? Rosetta Stone might be a costly investment for those without the time to make it work, but apps such as DuoLingo help you to improve your lingual skills in easy bitesize pieces. Meanwhile, iMinds is an app that stocks small eBooks on topics as wide-ranging as the nature of consciousness and the Roman Empire. An interesting way to spend your time.

#3 – Have Some Fun

Okay, for many millennials (and those of a slightly older vintage) gaming is the most enjoyable way to spend a bit of spare time. Games are so good on smartphones these days, thanks largely to the enhanced technical capabilities of contemporary handsets. You can even enjoy full versions of leading console games, from FIFA to Call of Duty, on your phone.

Other industries are making full use of these developments. Casino gaming is one area that has thrived in recent years, and there are stacks of online casino sites from which to choose, with review sites that provide ample information regarding the types of bonuses available, to help you get the most out of the experience. And most of the operators they list are able to provide live chat support, great if you’re new to this hobby.

#4 – Reconnect with Old Friends

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… there are lots of different social media apps, but not all offer that satisfying an experience for the end user. Why not buck the trend by downloading a new breed of app that allows you to reconnect with old friends or meet new people. Meetup is a non-dating app that allows you to reach out to like-minded people in your city based on a variety of variables. Meet My Dog is another – self-explanatory – alternative.

#5 – Organize Yourself

Ever lose track of what you are supposed to be doing tomorrow, at the weekend… or even today? Wunderlist is a cool (and free) app that lets you write your own ‘to do’ lists and receive notifications direct to your device, while Trello is a great choice when you are trying to organize an event or meet-up with friends or family.

The vast majority of us have spare time, but maybe we are not making the most of it. Hopefully, some of the tips on this list will help you to improve your life and put an end to idle time wasting.

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