iOS 15 – Is it a Big Treat for the Users?

Many iPhone lovers have the curiosity to know that what all new features shall be present in the latest iOS 15 update. Well, one can only keep guessing about it. The guesswork keeps coming here as because there is no official announcement declared by the Apple. Many users are stating different features for the new update. Keeping all that apart, below are a few points (based on assumptions) which many of you might look for.

ios 15 beta

A More User-Friendly Widget Section

Majority of the iPhone users who love shortcuts complain about the widget section. After the iOS 14 update, many users are finding it difficult to edit or add on a new widget. Thereby, iOS 15 gives us a little hope for recovering this problem.

Better Cameras

Many users are looking for a better picture and video recording quality when the question of iOS 15 comes. Apple is one of the first brand name which comes where camera is the main priority. It has never failed to disappoint us. However, in today’s world, unsatisfied people want a high-focus, précised sharp cameras, near to DSLR quality etc.

Longer Battery Backup

The lockdown has led to different aftermaths – work from home, online classes etc. For this reason, the users demand a longer battery backup in a smartphone. Therefore, a hope for a great battery backup is very obvious in the iOS 15 update. To be noted, iOS 14 update resulted a quick battery drainage for many users. Lets hope that the latest OS update do not fail to meet our expectations.

Google Stadia

Its just been a day that Google’s cloud gaming service now runs on the iPhone. But this is not an application. You need to open a web page in order to enjoy gaming. Therefore, all the eyes are wide upon Google Stadia, as to when it shall come as a stand alone application in iOS 15 beta and beyond. This will be one of the greatest history for Apple.

If Apple is all set to release the updates very late, then there is sufficient time for the developers to work upon the Google Stadia as a solely separate app for gaming.


Facilities such as Facebook Collab App and Google Stadia have just been released within 24 hours in the iOS 14 latest version. So, it is far away to think for any new updates at present. This time Apple is looking forward to collab with more famous app owners and launch more exciting things in the latest OS 14 platform.

Talking about the iOS update, undoubtedly, the new iOS 15 update will come with a lot of new features. The craze of iPhones is trending day by day. Apple will surely keep this in mind and will work upon all the bugs. We never know that the new update might also offer something great, completely out of the box. All the eyes are completely keen on the official announcement about the latest update.

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