How to Reset Tinder in 2019 (Easy to Follow Guide for Everyone)

How to Reset Tinder: When it comes to dating then Tinder is the most prevalent app in today’s culture. You just have to download the app and swipe left/right to find the right match for you. It makes the complicated process a little easier. There could be any reason for joining Tinder. Maybe you have moved to a new city or maybe you want to start dating again. But, now for some reason, you want to reset tinder and don’t know how to. If that is the case then you have reached the right place. Here you will learn a way to wipe off the slate and start afresh.

how to reset tinder

Reset Tinder with Ease

Ordinarily, if you reset your tinder account, you have to create a fresh profile which is either connected to a pre-existing Facebook account or one that is attached to the new Facebook account which you have opened. If you want to reset your Tinder account while keeping the current Facebook account then the method is fairly simple.

This plan is not foolproof because Tinder works in a mysterious way. It holds on the data even when the account is reset and re-linked your account with Facebook. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. With the changes being done on improving the use of data and removing certain content, there is a possibility that the account could be reset using the basic preexisting Facebook profile.

And, there is also the chance that the reset won’t work for everyone due to the token system of Facebook. But you can try nonetheless. It will help you if you are wondering how to reset Tinder.

How to Reset Tinder using Existing Facebook Account?

  1. Please open your Tinder account on your mobile phone and then open the Settings menu.
  2. Followed by selecting the option which says Delete Account.
  3. Once you have deleted the account, you can return to your phone’s home screen and then uninstall the app.
  4. Go to your PC and then open Facebook. Please select the option which says Setting from the arrow present in the top right corner of the display.
  5. Then, select “Apps and Websites” from the left menu, followed by Tinder from the list present in the center.
  6. Go ahead and remove Tinder from the list by selecting the checkbox and then choosing “Remove” from the same list.
  7. Now you can go back to your mobile phone and download Tinder again. Please set-up a new account using the existing Facebook account.

These steps will help you if you are wondering how to reset Tinder.

If the steps are followed correctly and your details being swiped clean from Tinder successfully then you will be able to sign back up for a new Tinder account using the same Facebook account. There is also a possibility that your deleted account gets reactivated again using the Facebook login token. If this is the case then here is what you need to do. The second method will help you rest Tinder account.

How to reset Tinder using new Facebook profile?

If the previous method didn’t work then what you can do is delete the previous account and open a new Facebook account and then sign in to Tinder using the new Facebook account. Once you have created a new Facebook account then give it some time. Let it build itself. Add your friends, add your pictures. Now, you even have the option of keeping the pictures which you wanted without going through the pains of removing any.

When your profile is strong enough then you can follow the mentioned steps, which will answer the question how to reset Tinder

  1. Sign up for Tinder either using the mobile app or through your computer.
  2. If you are using your computer to do so then what you can do is sign into your new Facebook account).
  3. Now let Google know that you are a human being. You will be required to verify through Google’s own captcha service and then verifying your phone number. You will receive a text message which will verify the code. It is because of this reason, it is important to close off the former Tinder account. If this wasn’t done then you will not be able to sign in through your phone number.
  4. You can also try Google Voice with Gmail account which you have signed up for in order to create a new phone number. This will verify your account. It is true that Tinder accepts Google Voice numbers sans any issue. Once you have followed the steps, you will be good to go.

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Now you can say that you know how to reset Tinder. The steps are simple and quick without taking up a lot of time.

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