How I Recover Deleted Photos using Yodot Photo Recovery Tool

Photographs are a way to capture memories and freeze those few important moments. These photos make us nostalgic and bring back good old memories and fills us with emotion. As time passed and technology made progress, the way you take and store photos have significantly changed; especially in the past couple of decades.

With the invention of smartphones, digital cameras, drones and various social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Constant clicking and posting photos of whatever catches our eye has become a norm.


Majority of photos are clicked and stored on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, even laptops and computers or any other external storage devices. However, they are prone to get deleted or lost due to various reasons right from intentional or accidental deletion, formatting of hard drive or emptying trash bin.

Thanks to the progress technology has made so far. We can easily recover deleted photos from our computers and other storage devices even after they are deleted or lost.

I only learnt about photo recovery after I had mistakenly deleted my photos and wanted to retrieve them back. Fortunately, with proper research, I was able to find the right way to do it.

Tips to Recover Deleted Photos (2 Easy Methods)

In this article I will be discussing the most recommended methods I have tried to retrieve my photos back and 1 method that worked wonders.

Try the first two methods as they do not require any additional resources, try the third method if the first two haven’t worked for you like me.

Method 1: Finding Deleted photos in my Recycle Bin

This was the most recommended method in case you have accidentally deleted your photos.

Recycle Bin is the place where all your deleted files reside by default. So, it makes perfect sense to find them in your Recycle Bin first.

Open Recycle Bin > Find and Select the files that you have accidently deleted and want to recover > Right click on the files that you want to restore, Click on Restore button.

You can find the restored files in the same folder where you have saved them in the first place.

I tried to find my deleted files in trash bin but sadly I couldn’t find my deleted file there. Then suddenly I realised I had recently emptied my trash bin.

Method 2: Using Windows Backup Feature

In case you regularly take backup of all your files (which is a good thing) you can restore your deleted photos from your previous backup.

Open backup and restore utility and find files that you want to recover. Restore wizard will guide you through all the necessary steps to recover your files.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a backup of my deleted photos as they were very recent. So I was left with no other option but to recover my deleted photos using a professional recovery tool.

NOTE: Using the above methods you can only recover lost data saved on computer or laptop. If you are trying to recover data from a camera or any other external storage device, I highly recommended you use a powerful data recovery software.

As I had lost my photos and badly wanted to recover my deleted files.

Method 3: Using Yodot Photo Recovery Tool

The third method I tried was using a highly recommended photo recovery software called Yodot Photo Recovery Tool to restore my deleted photos.

In case if both the above methods have failed i.e. you have emptied your trash bin and you don’t have a backup of your files I highly recommend you to use yodot photo recovery tool to get back your deleted files.

Yodot data recovery is profound for its photo recovery capabilities as it supports a wide variety of photo loss scenarios. According to their website it can restore files even after emptying Recycle Bin, formatting hard drive, shift-deleting files. The supported devices include memory cards, CF card to SD card, USB Flash Drive to External hard drive.

Recovering Deleted photos have never been this easier, with just few easy clicks you can practically recover photos and videos of all media file formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF, TGA, and many more, and also various storage devices including hard drive, flash card, memory stick, multimedia card etc.

Here are the steps to recover deleted Photos using Yodot Photo recovery Tool:

Step 1: Download, Install and run Yodot Photo Recovery Tool on your Computer.

Step 2: in case you want to recover deleted photos from other external storage devices, kindly connect them to your computer.

Step 3: Depending on whether you have deleted or lost your media files, select Deleted Photo Recovery or Lost Photo Recovery.

Step 4: Select the drive or disk from where you want to recover deleted photos.

Step 5: Choose the file type you want to recover or add the file extension of your deleted files in the search tab.

Step 6: After a quick scan, the software displays the list of all the recovered media files.

Step 7: Preview and Save recovered media files in a new drive.

This is what has been my experience of how I got out of my photo loss crisis and I hope it helps other facing similar circumstances.

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