How To Get Kids Excited About a Staycation By the Beach

The words staycation can make it seem like your family is settling for something not as thrilling as a traveling vacation. In some instances it could be a hard sell, and there could be a bit of grumbling going on, but that is not likely to be the reality if you live in the San Diego area. A staycation San Diego is full of exciting things to do for everyone in the family.

Get Kids Excited About a Staycation

First and foremost the area offers an ocean of fun thanks to the proximity of the blue waters of the Pacific. World-class beaches provide something for everyone, including swimming, hiking, volleyball, sunbathing, bonfires, picnicking and more. Your family can enjoy the active surf of beaches right on the Pacific, or they can opt for the quieter waters of the beaches along Mission Bay park. Best of all, this is just the beginning of things to do in the San Diego area.

Take to the Water

Getting out on the water is a real treat, and there are many opportunities to engage in activities that take you away from shore. Blue whale watching in San Diego is something the kids won’t complain about as they enjoy a steady flow of  memorable activities:

  • Riding on a classic sailing ship
  • Watching the world’s largest animal
  • Observing other whales and marine animals
  • Eating tasty foods from the galley
  • Feeling the ocean spray on their faces

Blue whales are incredibly long, reaching lengths of nearly 100 feet, and they often weigh more than 300,000 pounds. They are bigger than even the largest dinosaurs to roam our planet. These unforgettable leviathans arrive off the coast of San Diego and linger for several months feeding on the abundant krill in the area. Knowledgeable naturalists on board will explain such things as blue whales are among the baleen whales and that the tongue of a blue whale is as heavy as an elephant. The whales are becoming less abundant, but the coast of California is still an area they can be seen on a regular basis.

Enjoy Fast Sailing Ships

Your entire family will enjoy spending time on a beautiful sailing yacht. You will feel the motion of the waves as the ship cruises off the coast, offering views of the deep ocean and the San Diego skyline. Whale watching San Diego brings a new experience to your family, one that will rival a trip to any destination in the world. In addition to blue whales, a number of other giants call these waters home. Humpback whales often put on some of the best shows, speeding along near the boat and raising their giant tails out of the water as they dive down. If you are lucky, you will spot them breaching the water and revealing their 40-foot long bodies. The gray whale is another favorite as it reaches lengths of nearly 50 feet and has two blow holes.

With all of these possibilities, a staycation San Diego sounds like a good place to spend some quality time. Book your excursion now and explore the wonders of your own neighborhood.

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