How to Fix Err_Internet_Disconnected Error

It is very important to have a strong internet connection these days as several of us end up spending the most amount of time on the web. Imagine getting stuck in between an extremely important work because of your poor internet connection, it certainly gets annoying. But we cannot really blame the network quality all the time as there could be issues related to the way it has been set up. Therefore, one should definitely know about the solutions related to how to fix “err_internet_disconnected” in Google Chrome. This particular error happens to be one of the most common problems while browsing which restrains the connection of a website.

err_internet_disconnected fix

You might feel that restarting your device could help you in getting rid of the particular problem, but that might not work at all. Some of you may find it quite complicated to solve the issue of “err_internet_disconnected” but the methods required to get it sorted is not that tough. But first, let’s find out the reasons which trigger this problem.

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Err_Internet_Disconnected, Reasons Behind it

There are quite a lot of reasons which cause this particular problem, and we have discussed some of them below. So go ahead and get an idea about the issues.

  • Antivirus Software Program: You might not be aware of this, but the antivirus software program which is installed in your PC could trigger the problem of “err_internet_disconnected”. The antivirus generally protects the PCs by using Firewall, and this may lead to the disconnection of your internet connection.
  • Overloading of Cookies and Caches: You might end up facing problems with your internet connection if your device is overloaded with cookies and caches. So, you should definitely know about the procedure to clear them out. We did mention about the method to get rid of the cookies and caches in this article which you will come across later.
  • Issues with the LAN and Wireless Connection: We often face issues with the LAN as well as the wireless connection of our devices. The network problem at times emerges due to a bad weather, and it may also trigger if there is a problem in the setup. Therefore, one should be aware of the root of the issue.

Now that you have got an idea about the common problems which give rise to a poor internet connection, we would want you to scroll down and take a look at the methods related to how to fix “err_internet_disconnected” in Google Chrome.

Guidelines to Solve Err_Internet_Disconnected

The below-mentioned guideline related to fixing the issue “err_internet_disconnected” should turn out to be quite helpful for our readers. You will surely get an idea of fixing the problem if you follow the methods given below.

  • Method 1- Check Your Connectivity

 Firstly, you should check whether your device has been connected to the internet or not. You will get to see a page which says “Unable to connect to the internet,” if the setup has not been done properly. Therefore, connect your net properly to the wireless network or LAN. You can take the help of the solution provided below if this fails to work.

Method 2- Flush DNS to Solve the Issue

Open the Command DOS or Command Prompt and then run the commands which are given below.

  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew

Method 3- Clearing of Cookies and Caches

Clearing out the caches and the cookies from your device will certainly help you in fixing the “err_internet_disconnected” issue. You need to type chrome://history in the address bar and then directly click on Clear Browsing Data. Now click on the Cookies and Caches dialogue box which will appear and then once again click on the option, Clear Browsing Data. Remember that this method is only applicable for Google Chrome.

Method 4- Alter the Settings of TCP/IP

Open Command Prompt and run the below mentioned commands.

  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

Restart your PC after getting done with the above-mentioned procedure and then check if your internet connection is working fine.

Method 5: Fix the LAN Settings

Check out the method for fixing your LAN below.

  • Press the Win + X keys and go to the Control Panel (this is applicable for the devices running on Windows 10, and you can open the Control Panel in the other versions of Windows devices by searching for it in the start menu).
  • Click on Internet Options after opening the Control Panel. This will lead you to LAN settings.
  • Now uncheck each and every option and directly click on OK.

This particular solution has every possibility to solve “err_internet_disconnected”. Therefore, you should definitely try this out.

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned solutions related to how to fix “err_internet_disconnected” are the most used methods by the users in order to sort out this particular problem. The procedure related to these methods is not at all complicated due to which one should not come across any difficulties. We hope that this article would turn out to be extremely insightful for our readers. Share this page on all your social networking sites if you have found this piece helpful.

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