How the deep web does Works?

Deep web is that part of the internet which is hidden from the normal internet. We are living in the age of internet and we think that what we see or access on internet is everything available. However, there are billions of websites out there which are hidden and cannot be accessed through search engines. What we access on internet is merely less than five percent of what is available out there.

Deep web is buried underground and invisible internet that consists of large part of internet and you cannot locate it with Google search. No one knows the depth of the deep web and exact number of websites available but it is approximately 400-500 times actual internet available. The data is hidden on purpose and this brings out to the question how deep web works. Let us figure out the functioning of deep web and its dark side.

What Deep Web contains?

Deep web is nothing but collection of encrypted and hidden .onion websites which are not indexed by search engines. These websites cannot be accessed through search engines and you need to have special privileges to access these websites. In comparison to the internet, deep web contains millions of internet domains and these domains may be having a DNS entry or just an IP address to access the website.

Nobody knows the exact information about the deep web sites and it is growing bigger and bigger everyday. What lies underneath deep web is complex number of websites, some are used for storing information, performing online transactions secretly, secure areas or VPN’s, while some of them are having a shady side to it like there are certain dark web sites that sell drugs or weapons online, human trafficking or illicit/explicit videos.

How to access Deep Web?

Deep web is wrapped under a secretlayer of privacy. It is not generally available to common public or social media profiles or even through mails. You need to have proper subscription to the websites that you want to access through deep web. It is basically hidden from the search engines because of either due to security reasons by the search engines or can be used for nefarious reasons. Most of the criminal activities are carried out in the part of the deep web which is also known as Dark web or Darknet. Click here to read step by step tutorial to browse deep web safely.

Know about TOR and how it can be used to access Deep Web

In order to access deep web, you need to have specialized kind of software or browser. TOR (The Onion Router) is the specific type of browser or VPN used to access deep web and dark web. It was initially funded and developed under the secret layer of US government. Mainly it was developed because US government for online heroin trade and encrypting their transmissions. But nowadays it was become an underground area of budding criminals, hitman, nymphomaniacs, terrorists, drug addicts or sellers and all sorts of cyber-crime that takes places online.

Deep web is accessible through specialized search engine like TOR and with the help of this, you can easily buy a lot of stuff online. You can perform online transactions with the use of virtual currencies and it can be used to perform any type of transaction online on deep web.

Safety Precautions while accessing Deep Web

It is important to remember that deep web is having hidden websites and there can be thousands of web crawlers, phishing tools or viruses around in the deep web network that can be dangerous to your system. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the type of safety or security precautions that you take while accessing deep web.

First, you need to ensure that you have a strong privacy policy and authorization systems installed to protect your system before anyone breaks into your system or do anything with it. Deep web is having a lot of hidden things that not many people are aware about and it is important to ensure that you check for any suspicious links or darknet websites before accessing them.

To be sure, you can start exploring simple websites from deep web rather than checking the deep web sites. You can also take reference from hidden wiki links available in TOR and also make use of online databases to explore websites on deep web.

Over to You

Deep web is the unexplored areas of internet websites that provides you all sorts of things that you can’t find on normal search engines indexed websites. You can find a lot of information on deep web and some of the information can be useful while others can be disturbing or ignorable. It depends on your requirement and what sort of options that you want to include for accessing deep web. It is important to take care of your access before starting to explore Deep web.

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