How Long Does a Laptop Battery Last? 5 Things to Know

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If you’re someone who has a laptop, then you might wonder how long does a laptop battery last? While figuring out how long your battery will last might seem tough to figure out, there’s hope.

This article will go over different tips and tricks to figure out how long your laptop will last. Read on to explore these tips and actions in order to see how much longevity your laptop has today.

how long laptop battery last

How Long Does a Laptop Battery Last?

Your laptop battery will normally last for a few years before it needs to be changed. This also depends on how often you use it as well. One sign that it might need a replacement includes having to charge it more often.

Laptops themselves might only last a few years as well depending on the type. If you decide to purchase a gaming laptop, they tend to last longer.

1. Checking Your Battery’s Health

You can download third-party software in order to check your battery’s health. One example is the BatteryInfoView.

Once it’s downloaded, you can check to see the health of your battery. This software can only let you know the health of your battery.

2. Conserve Your Battery

Your battery is built to take a certain amount of charges. First, head to your power settings on your laptop.

Next, you’ll want to choose hibernation mode to avoid your battery from draining. Also, consider what you use it for each day such as https://setapp.com/how-to/make-slideshows-on-mac

Next, take a look at the different apps that you have, and delete what you don’t need. Consider activating battery saver mode if you use Windows 10 which will help you conserve your battery as well.

This works by blocking background apps, keeping your screen brightness lower, stopping certain features from syncing, etc. MacBooks have the option known as Power Nap.

This is where it goes to sleep without having to worry about it skipping tasks. You can also consider automatic graphics switching which helps you save energy by switching to a lower graphics mode.

You can also shut off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them. Turn off features that you don’t need such as keyboard backlighting. These are options with both Apple and Microsoft.

3. Avoid the Heat

Laptops heating up causes the electrochemical reactions inside to speed up. This means that it’s producing energy that it can’t use.

Too much energy can damage the inside of the battery and wears it out. While lithium-ion batteries are durable, the heat they can take has a limit.

If you notice the battery getting too hot, turn your device off and take the battery out. This will allow it time to cool down. Many laptops have sealed batteries where you can’t pop them out.

Also, don’t place the laptop on your lap. This causes you to block the vents. You’ll want the hot and cool air vents to be open and able to do their job.

Avoid having your laptop in a location that becomes too hot. Whether that’s below a window, in your car, etc. They can cause damage to your laptop’s battery.

Don’t keep your laptop in freezing temperatures either. This can kill the battery as well. You can check out different apps that’ll tell you when your laptop gets too hot.

4. Don’t Keep It Plugged In

 Don’t allow your laptop to charge for too long. Once it’s reached the full charge, unplug it.

When you let it charge for too long, it can decrease the life of your battery. Consider using a power conserving socket that’ll stop the power to your device when it’s fully charged. This will let you keep it plugged in overnight without having to worry about it overcharging.

5. Don’t Wait for 0

Don’t wait for your laptop to go down to 0% before you plug it in. Instead, once it’s at about 50%, you can start charging it.

If you need to let it run out, plug it in and let it only charge for part of the way. Then, once it’s at about 10%, you can charge it to a full battery. Keeping your laptop where it’s not fully charged or at 0% is optimal.

When Should I Buy a New Battery?

When it’s not performing as well as it once was and doesn’t last as long, it’s time to buy a new battery. Don’t let the laptop battery cost deter you from having your laptop in working condition again.

Keep in mind that it might drain quicker when you’re playing certain video games. If you’re just browsing the internet and it drains fast, that’s a clear sign it needs to be replaced.

Only buy your battery from a trustworthy company since there are many poor-performing or fake batteries out there. Even if your battery isn’t the removable kind, you can still replace it.

In order to do this, first, open the laptop. Keep in mind that if you do this, it’ll cancel the warranty. You can look online for plenty of tutorials on how to replace the battery.

Answering the Question “How Long Does a Laptop Battery Last?”

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