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[Updated] Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Online

Free Sports Streaming sites: Nowadays, any kind of popular sports event has become an option of generating a huge amount of money, especially to the advertisers and the broadcasters. Various multinational companies and the TV channels have to buy the advertising and broadcasting right of these famous sports events.

Thus watching these major sports events on TV channels for free is becoming tougher and tougher with each passing day. If you take the example of the Premier League or NFL, it has become a money-churning industry and thus to watch these premium sports events on TV, you have to subscribe the topmost package, needless to say expensive, of that particular broadcasting channel. 

But for the school students or the college students, it is not possible for them to invest such a huge amount of money to watch their favorite team or player playing. As they say ‘money can’t buy happiness’, similarly it can’t deprive you of living your passion.

So in the web world, you will get hundreds of free sports streaming sites which stream various kinds of games for free. But most of those sites only endorse click baits and ads to make money. So in this article, we have accumulated top 10 free sports streaming live websites which genuinely stream HD quality matches without buffering and ads.

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Best Free Sports Streaming Sites online

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

#1 Feed2all

Feed2all is one of the best free sports streaming sites you will get on the internet. This amazing website streams various kinds of sports starting from football, cricket, tennis, badminton, UFC, boxing, American football, F1, Moto GP and even WWE.

The user interface of this site is very simple and friendly, so you won’t feel confused after landing on the page. Another great advantage of this streaming website is that you can set the clock on the website as per your time zone and thus will get to know the kick time accurately. The number of ads displayed on the website is very minimal and you can control them too through the ad-blocker.

#2 FirstRow Sports

If you are looking for a top-notch website for free sports streaming online, FirstRow Sports will be a great option to consider. This free sports streaming website also comes with an intuitive and easy-to-understand user-interface and all the matches are divided as per their categories.

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If you have a slow internet connection, the website will not disappoint you too. FirstRow Sports also provides live scores for them. But the best part of this freemium sports streaming site is, you can upload or download your favorite sports videos from the site. There is also a live chat window available within the site so that you can interact with your fellow sports enthusiast while watching the matches.

#3 Batman Stream

If you love to watch American sports like NBA, NHL, football or rugby for free of cost, then Batman Stream is your best bet. This free sports streaming live website has become an institution and streaming contents for the last four years seamlessly. Even so, according to a survey conducted on the internet, Batman Stream has been awarded as the best free sports streaming site.

The best part of this superb site is even during the biggest events, the servers do not get crashed and thus the website boasts a more than 95% uptime. All the sporting events are properly categorized and the site streams even poker matches. You will get a plenty of options for each sporting event and all come in HD quality.

#4 Vipbox

It’s a best free sports streaming sites that provides flawless online streaming. Vipbox is another insanely popular free sports streaming website which has become famous in the last couple of years and with a gain over 20% more visitors each month, their popularity is still on the rise. This website comes with an amazing layout and the large icons vividly depict each sport and category.

Another major advantage of using this site is, it is available in seven different languages, so language is not a barrier anymore. Vipbox also streams less popular sports and includes league like American College Football, NCAAB, and many others. The search bar on the site is very user-friendly, you only have to put the keyword to watch your favorite games.Vipbox has been successfully streaming contents for free for the last five years and thus their reliability is beyond any doubt.

#5 Streamwoop

Streamwoop is the prime example of how a free sports streaming site should work and what should be its features? This site is massively famous in the USA and the North American countries and last year the user base of the site grew by 170% solely in the United States.

One of the biggest reasons behind this crazy popularity is, it is one of the rarest free sports streaming websites which has a dedicated section for ‘Replays’. Apart from that, there are various other categories like Live Competitions, Today’s Games, Trending Events are also present in the site. Streamwoop also comes with a strong searching tool so that you can find out your desired sporting event as soon as possible. As a free website, Streamwoop does not charge any money and does not require any subscription.

Final Words

As the subscription charges of the premium TV channels are increasing day by day, and as the high-speed internet is becoming more easily available, online streaming seems like the only viable option. So if you want to enjoy your favorite matches in HD quality, without buffering, and most importantly without spending a single dime, then pick one website from our list of the best free sports streaming sites and root for your favorite team in full voice.

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