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An open world sandbox game, World Survival & City Building is an interesting simulation game where you are free to do whatever you want. Make buildings, create city of your own, make tools and weapons, hunt wild animals, survive in the wild, and do a lot more in this unique blocks-based game. The game lets you unleash your creativity and test your survival skills, both at the same time. Originally, World Survival & City Building is available for Android devices; however, you can also play it right on the big screen of your PC. Playing this game on PC will allow you to play it with more ease and you can even create more detailed and elaborated buildings.

How to play World Survival & City Building on PC

Although World survival and city building game developed for Android devices, one can play it on PC as well. Availability of different Android emulators have made it possible to run Android on PC in sandbox where you can install as well as run almost all Android supported apps. Emulators like BlueStacks, Nox, GenyMotion, GameLoop and more are readily available for you to download on your PC. Once you have installed an emulator, it is a really easy task to install and run World Survival & City Building on PC, other Android games as well as apps on it.

World Survival & City Building may seem like the famous game Minecraft, but is different from it in many ways. Here, you have to collect various resources using which you can create awesome tools and weapons. These can later be used to survive in the wild and create new buildings and structures. While you can do a bit of both creating and surviving, it is totally up to you what you choose to do; you are not bound to carry out any task. You can either choose a nomadic life or build an empire straight from scratch in this open world game.

But what are the features this game comes loaded with? Let us find out.

Big Map

World Survival & City Building is a game that comes with an elaborate map for you to play with. The huge map of this open world game is free for you to roam around. Explore different landscapes like beaches, forests, grasslands, and more. While exploring the map, you can decide where to go for your hunts, where to camp, and where to build your city or empire with all the available resources. There are infinite possibilities for you to do on the huge map of this sandbox game.

Collect Resources

You can collect various resources throughout the game and use those resources to create not just buildings, but different useful tools as well as weapons. Collect stones, mine for minerals and metals, gather wood, gather supplies, hunt animals, and do a lot more to be able to make a living on this game’s never ending map.

Create Tools and Weapons

With the resources you collect throughout the game, you can forge a number of tools and weapons. Different tools and weapons require certain amount of resources to be created. Various tools available in the game server different purpose; make sure to forge as many tools as you can. While the tools can used to create buildings and structures of different kinds, weapons can be used to hunt animals and protect you from rogue wild animals that roam all across the huge map.

Build or Survive

There are two ways in which this awesome game can be played; Survival mode or Construction mode. In the survival mode, you can survive wandering the map, collecting resources, making weapons, finding food and hunting animals. The idea is to survive in the wilderness and explore as much of the map as you can. You will also need to create a small camp or a small house as a shelter, because a lot of wild animals roam the land and you will need protection from them, else you will die.

In the Construction way, you are free to create whatever you want. You can make a small village, create an ancient empire, build a huge mansion, build a whole modern city with towering skyscrapers, or build a city from the future; the possibilities are limitless and it all depends on how creative you can be and how well you can utilize the resources of this game.

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