Don’t Leave Home Without These Tech Gadgets

Nowadays, pretty much everyone is packing high-tech gear. It’s hard to imagine anyone leaving home without a veritable supercomputer in the form of a smartphone, tablet, or phablet. Gone are the days where we hopped into our vehicles, map book in hand hoping to find our way to a faraway destination with nothing but the North Star and our sense of direction guiding us. Today’s smartphones are marvels to behold. Google Maps – an ingenious invention – dovetails beautifully with in-car navigation to deliver us from point A to point B with effortless ease. Highway traffic? Accidents? Quicker routs? Online navigation systems are fully capable of obviating these inconveniences and picking out the most apropos pathway.

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Wearable Tech is All the Rage

Beyond the obvious, there are many tech gadgets that really make a difference to our daily lives. These include wearable tech devices like the venerable iWatch, and Air Pods, to complete the iPhone trifecta. The amazing advances in technology have mysteriously prolonged battery life beyond a couple of hours to make these tech gadgets truly functional for everyday use. By pairing devices together, our technology masters have allowed us to become complete cyborg units capable of accessing information, entertainment, navigation, vital statistics, weather conditions, and so much more. We can measure our oxygen saturation levels, stress levels, sleeping patterns, calories burned, exercise regimen, and dietary intakes with the click of a button. Doctors be gone – not quite, but we are inching towards greater self-sufficiency as more valuable data becomes available to us.

Fancy that! Phablets are Fun

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Phablets are smartphone tablets – they’re bigger than smartphones but smaller than tablets – the perfect in betweener. Think of them as mini iPads with smartphone functionality. They’re the ideal size to put in your back pocket, or in the glove compartment of your car, and they also provide you with many opportunities to enjoy feature-rich entertainment. For example, you can read a virtual book, play an online game, or even take it up a level and play those tables at while you’re on your way to somewhere special. It comes as no surprise that mobile entertainment is the be all and end all of today’s technological wunderkinds. As you are about to see in the next section, going mobile can take on many different forms – that’s the beauty of on the go entertainment.

Did Somebody Say Drone?

Drones? There is a tech-gizmo straight out of the sci-fi annals. A drone is basically a sophisticated flying object with recording capabilities. To be fair, it is an extremely sophisticated piece of technology which provides digital mapping from above, from afar. Today’s drones can run several thousand dollars, and the battery life typically lasts around 20 minutes – certainly not enough to fly out of town, but sufficient to gain incredible aerial footage of your area. Battery life is affected by many factors including the weight of the drone, weather conditions (wind and rain), the amount of recording that is being conducted, and the flying style of the pilot. Are they necessary? It depends. If you’re going on a hike in the woods, or along the creek, you may want to send the drone out ahead of time to ensure that there are no bears lurking close by, or in the

case of white-water rafting to ensure that there are no alligators parked on the banks of the river, or in plain sight.

Getting Ready for Mobile Entertainment

Of course, there are many other functional tech gadgets you can cart around with you such as a digital thermos for telling you the temperature of your hot or cold beverage, fold-up keyboards to attach to your MacBook or iWatch, mobile printers, and VR (Virtual Reality) headgear to hook up to your iPhone or phablet to fully immerse yourself in mobile entertainment. The future is here, and we’ve all got front row seats to the action.

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