Cutting the Cord: Which TV Streaming Service Is Best?

Consumers today have near-unlimited choice of what they can watch and where they can watch it. That’s why cable companies are finally waking up to this reality and doing all they can to prevent any prospective cord cutting. The good news is, there are live TV streaming services out there that are suitable for almost any budget or based on the kinds of programs you like to watch, and they are a lot cheaper than traditional cable. Here are some of the top six streaming service options today.


It’s been around for a while now, and Netflix has a pretty great selection of content for viewers to watch. With Netflix Originals, you can now have the opportunity to watch programs developed by Netflix for its viewers, all built into a pretty easy to use app. The best part about Netflix has to be its ad-free subscription system. You can view documentaries, TV shows, cartoons and movies of different genres, choose between users to accommodate for different tastes and can even download a favorite episode to your mobile device. The price is also right, with subscriptions starting at $7.99 per month.


Close on the heels of Netflix, another TV streaming service that is gaining prominence lately is Hulu. With The Handmaid’s Tale emerging a clear winner, more and more viewers are signing up for this service. Hulu offers live TV along with its subscription and viewers can choose to watch this including advertisements or without advertisements, depending on the subscription you choose. The great selection of titles and all around value make Hulu a pretty good choice for those looking for a balanced TV streaming service. Get Hulu at plans starting $7.99 a month.

Prime Video

Amazon is making inroads into the world of TV entertainment with the Prime Video app. With a Prime Video subscription, viewers get access to thousands of popular movie titles as well as Amazon originals. These are available ad-free, and viewers can elect to download an episode to their device. Some of the TV shows on here are classics, like The Office, and the Amazon specials are also great new content to look out for. Try Prime Video starting at just $10.99 per month.

PlayStation Vue

Making a serious effort at providing TV entertainment outside of its gaming offerings, PlayStation has released its PlayStation Vue streaming service. You do not need a gaming console to use this service. PlayStation Vue offers viewers different programming that is a selection of live TV, DVR and on demand programming that can be played on up to five different devices at the same time. With plenty of premium sports channels available, it’s certainly a great choice, even though the package price is pretty high. PlayStation Vue subscription begins at $39.99 a month.


HBO has long been the primary provider of quality entertainment. Their recent offerings like WestWorld and Veep have viewers glued to their screens, waiting eagerly for the next episode. You can skip the wait to watch a series on cable TV and just get the HBO Now streaming service that will give you access to HBO’s impressive content library. Get the chance to view their award winning comedies, TV shows and movies on your mobile device, when you want it. HBO Now plans begin at $14.99 a month.

Sling TV

For fans of cable TV who are on a tight budget, Sling TV provides a pretty good alternative. As a cloud based streaming service, Sling TV offers users the opportunity to watch affordable TV that can be customized based on the customer’s viewing preferences. Pick from the channels on offer and watch content on any device. You can also opt in for a DVR option in the cloud. The channel line-up is personalized and can be changed around at any time. Get Sling TV starting at $20 a month.


There are plenty of streaming services out there that you can choose from based on your interests. Other offerings like fuboTV is great for sports fans, while there are also streaming services that are a credible cable TV alternative like DirecTV Now. let check the best black friday tv deals 2018

Your choice of streaming service should factor in the kinds of shows you can expect to watch on each of these services, and what your monthly budget can be for them. For the best results, it is recommended to sign up for at least two to three different types of streaming service for the ultimate entertainment.

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