Create A Great First Impression With These Video Presentation Tips

You are looking to grab skills like Martin Luther King or Steve Jobs or any other famous orator. But there’s something magical you require to make your presentations more than just PowerPoint boredom!

It does not matter whether you want to create an event presentation, a sales presentation, or a simple travel video. There are some cool ways of creating that much-required first impression with video presentations.

video presentation tips

First impressions do matter a lot for newly-launched businesses or public speakers sharing their expertise and passion. It’s wrong to believe that first impressions happen very quickly. No, they do not. It takes time.

How your target audience perceives you in the first few seconds will have a lasting effect. Wrong first impression, and they might have you walking out instantly. Good first impression and they will keep hanging to every word that you utter! So, yes, good first impressions matter.

7 Tips For Video Presentation You Should Not Forget

The adage goes: “There’s no second chance of making that first good impression.” Video presentations are amazing tools allowing businesses to connect with individuals no matter where they are.

But like all the other tools, even this tool needs to be used correctly for getting the desired results. Some universal principles that can be employed for making video presentations worth remembering are as follows:

  1. Start With The Use Of Music

If you are into making use of a video presentation maker, you will know that music has an important role to play in this field. The type of music you choose for your presentation will either make or break that first good impression you are looking to create.

Good music enhances and supports the emotion represented in a video. Studies have proved that music has the power to sustain the attention of the audiences and help with information retention.

Ever wondered why movies depend on music? It is because music suggests a particular emotional state to the viewers. Hence, it works to include music in video presentations as well.

Up-tempo and modern music goes a long way in snapping people’s attention at the perfect moment. Reviewing video content with minor-key and slow sounds helps relax the brain. In this way, the content slips into the viewers’ long-term memory very quickly.

  1. Record Live Video Presentations

One of the easiest ways of creating an excellent first impression is recording live video presentations. Leading experts think that live performances and speeches in video presentations are effective in capturing the audience’s attention.

As soon as a video is recorded, it can easily be uploaded to a blog or a website instantly. Nevertheless, such presentations should be created after doing extensive research. Such videos should contain relevant content, and only then will they can attract the audience.

  1. Narrate A Story

Before starting to narrate a story, the more important thing you need to work on is coming up with a bold and clear statement. A video that begins with a bold statement is effective in catching the attention of the audience.

The statement should provide something unusual for the viewers to digest. There’s nothing wrong with going for something controversial. Make it a point that your statement should have the audience sit up and notice the same.

InVideo is a company that makes scripted and short format videos. Sources from there are of the view that maintaining proper storytelling is vital for a successful video presentation. Stories make the audience think with their introductions, middle, and end. They also make the audience feel.

So, you must aim at narrating a story in your video, so it inspires the viewers. The story should have an emotional appeal. You can make it dramatic or subtle; anyways, you want, but make sure it has an emotional linkage. Without it, the story will be forgettable.

  1. Try Creating Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are one of the most flexible ways of presenting information. Such videos combine the benefits of webinars and live lectures. If you are wondering how to make a video smaller but effective, create a collaborative presentation. Read more here.

Interactive video presentations can best be created by recording live sessions and providing links to multimedia or webinars. You can even include slides along with audio and video narrations.

Your video should be created in such a way that it gives users complete control on the playback of the presentation.

  1. Do Not Forget Lighting

With music being the first most crucial element of an excellent video presentation, how can one forget the significance of proper lighting in a presentation? Next to music, lighting is another essential factor that requires proper handling.

For the right lighting, you need the right tools. But there is no need for you to invest in expensive equipment. Simple window lighting, affordable ambient lighting, and luminaries like the standard household lamps will also work if positioned accurately.

Keep in mind, cameras and webcams do not see lighting the way the eyes of a human being do. So, what appears great in real life might look horrible on camera. Try experimenting with the tools and the skills you have while being professional at the same time.

  1. Grab Attention With Confidence

There is nothing more enticing that confidence. If you are confident enough, people will be automatically drawn to you. They will even take an interest in your video presentation and respect the information provided.

Practicing the delivery of your video presentation is what will make you more confident. Practice will make you perfect, and this will show in the confidence with which you present the video.

  1. Be Passionate And Yourself 

The camera is nothing but a microscope. It can easily catch when you are real or fake. So, it is better that you be yourself in front of the camera. Do not imitate others. And be very attentive and passionate as if you are on your first date!


Video presentations are one of the best ways of making that perfect first impression. Coming up with a successful and attention-grabbing video presentation is easier than you might have thought of. Just follow the tips provided above and get going with your presentations.

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