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Cool Desktop Backgrounds: Spicing up your computer with cool desktop backgrounds has never been simpler than it is now. A simple Google search is enough to provide you innumerable options. That is not to say, however, that you should use any and every wallpaper. Like all modern technologies, the desktop backgrounds too have radically changed over the last few years. We list the best desktop wallpapers exclusively for you.

 Wallpapers are a must to make sure that a desktop a unique one. We have a wallpaper for any mood and for every occasion. Indeed, so lucrative is the market for desktop wallpapers that many sites have taken it upon themselves to ensure that good money is made via the distribution of such backgrounds. Keeping these commercial characteristics in mind, we have designed all these cool desktop wallpapers to be free of cost; you can download all these wallpapers for free.

Now, let us go to the list of the coolest desktop backgrounds.

Cool Desktop Backgrounds for Widescreen Monitors

Widescreen monitors are nowadays used for almost all purposes. Such backgrounds can be used on almost every device that you own. Onboard our 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro’s superb 2880 x 1880 resolution to the 3840 x 2400 standards (as well as on the 3860 x 2160, which is the 4K ultra high definition current TV standard), these background works pretty fine. You can download it from here as well as from our site.

Cool desktop wallpapers

Cool Desktop Backgrounds for Digital Art Fanatics

Art comes in many forms. One way to put it would be the artist can see art in everything that he or she sees or does. However, we tried to focus on a different sort of art: stained glass. Stained glass is an essential part of digital art. We have managed to find this source, a private chamber of secrets belonging to a Russian artist. It’s strangely colored, treated, and filtered photos will satisfy even the most eclectic of digital art fanatics. Download it from our site if you like it.

Note that not everything is free here. In case you want to unlock the ultra HD ones, a one-time membership fee is required.

Cool Desktop Backgrounds

Best Desktop Background for Cinema Lovers

Cinema is one art form which binds us all. Everyone has their favorite movies and with it their favorite wallpapers. That said, the best source of wallpapers for cinema lovers is Pinterest, a one-stop site for those who would like to spice up their 9-to-5 jobs a bit. Pinterest is also special due to the fact that it offers not only wallpapers but also ideas which require implementation.

Check out what Pinterest has to say about Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Kylo Ren cool wallpapers

Classic Desktop Covers for History Buffs

History is one great source of desktop wallpapers, a stunning tour de force of past meets present and then the future. When Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, he would hardly have thought that one day HD pictures of his masterpiece would be used for great computer wallpapers. It is hardly surprising, however: anyone who has been to the Papal residence would know that the heights achievable by man is hardly something that can be underestimated.

We found some excellent wallpapers of the Renaissance era here. This source also detects your screen display ratio automatically and provides you with the best desktop wallpapers therein.

Classic Desktop Covers

Best Desktop Wallpapers for 3D Art Lovers

3D art is the cornerstone of a society which is hooked onto their monitors and mobile devices. It is the only refuge for many people who were born after the Digital Millenium started. So, we decided, ” Why not have some specially selected wallpapers for those who love 3D art?” and came up with this source, a source wholly owned and managed by an artist named Ryan Bliss. Bliss’s work is utterly true-to-form and is superbly photorealistic. Absolute must-haves.

Great desktop backgrounds

Note: Not everything on this site is free. A one-time lifetime membership can be had for $99.

Best Abstract Art Wallpapers for Widescreen Devices

Abstract art is old. Very old. Its appeal, however, is timeless as it should be. This source provides ample numbers of tinkered-with wallpapers which serve as excellent pieces of abstract art. Indeed, we must add here that we use certain examples from this site too, and they never fail to disappoint. To this end, you will love their hyper-real animals, movie, and vintage artworks.

Great desktop backgrounds

And the best thing is that the wallpapers are absolutely free.

Best Wallpapers for Apple Retina iPad Owners

Apple does not provide too many free wallpapers to its users, so we thought that we would bring you some. Go to this source and you will find the most amazing Apple Retina display-equipped wallpapers. Ideal for the MacBook Pro family’s 2560 x 1600 or the 2880 x 1880 resolutions and even more for the Retina iPad and iPad Mini (2048 x 1536).

Best Apple wallpapers

Pro Tip: Click on the “FX” button found in each image’s upper-left-hand corner. This allows you to custom-tailor separate properties like blurring, textures (including lines and mesh grains) and even the pixelation.

Best Desktop Wallpapers for Windows Users

Given that most of the readers probably use Windows-based devices, how can we possibly forget them? This source will ensure that all deviations meet under one roof.  You can always thank us later.

Free Windows wallpaper

Wrap up

Finally, we believe that each user should pick and choose their own cool desktop wallpapers according to their own whims and fancies. Should none of these sources for cool desktop backgrounds be of any help to you, you can always go back to the traditional image repository- Google Images- and then make a selection.

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