How To Convert YouTube Videos to WAV (Easy & Effective Ways)

The importance of Youtube may hardly be underestimated in today’s world. It is hardly a surprise to learn that the most of the world’s content is now available freely and without a dime being charged for the services provided. It is therefore of utmost importance that the videos downloaded from the site be convertible in any format of your choice as well.

So, the question arises: why is it appropriate to convert videos and audio files into other formats. The choice and he reason are simple enough, and we wish to address it as soon as possible. The devices we use daily in our lives are something which requires a varied format of media files and cannot be consummated with only one format of media. So, you have the MP4 format for video, which provides quality sound compression and other positive points as well, the MKV file format or the Matroska file offers superior size quality as well, essential for today’s data-dependent devices as well. Remember that we cannot all afford the large data amounts regarding hard drives we would like to have as well. This is where the size compressibility factor kicks in as well.

Why choose WAV file formats?

It is also very essential to know in which file format the new downloads should be converted into. Why choose the WAV file format especially when it comes to music files. Well, there are some unique file format qualities when you use the WAV format. We will try and explain the advantages of the file format in a few brief points here. The WAV
is an acronym for Waveform Audio File Format but simply known as WAV due to the file formats. This format is also used by the BBC for its broadcasting programs worldwide and has seen a lot of positive reports worldwide as well. The data in the file formats are compressed into chunks so that when the playback is done, the chunks are then fleshed out to form linear and crystal-clear audio. WAV was first introduced by the giant, Microsoft and has since given rise to the linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM) format as well.


Before you convert remember that you can choose other very popular music file format conversion styles as well. Some of which include MP3, MP4, AAC, AVI or MOV; the choice is up to you. All the methods we have enlisted below are means not only for the WAV file formats but are also meant for delivering good results on almost any file format as well. Besides, you can also use the same guide on almost any file format you desire as well.

You can convert the videos in two unique methods.Either you can go for offline or computer based converters where you simply install the converters on your computer or else you can make use of an online computer as well.  You can, therefore, choose which method to use while converting the YouTube files to your cherished files in both methods and we have also used both methods to show you how easy it can be done.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to WAV Format

From so far as we have seen it is very easy to transfer your files to the Internet and then to use any tool to convert it to the WAV format. We have gathered a list of tools which you can always make use of. They are arranged in no particular line of discretion or preference. All websites mentioned below can be accessed at the time you are reading this, and all of them are pretty solid


Online Video Converter

OnlineVideoConverter, as the name suggests, is what it suggests in the name itself. It is a very handy tool for online use and can be immediately get used to by every technological novice as well. You can also convert YouTube media into any file format of your choosing, including WAV. Although the engine behind it can be slow at times, it still has an impressive speed of converting your data into WAV formats. 

Office Converter

The Office Converter does the same thing: it converts  YouTube videos to WAV. Besides, you can also convert a lot of other files here as well. The User interface page is completely simple and free of any pretensions as well, making this, probably, our most favorite converter. Try the app for extra simple approach to the subject of conversion as well.

Clip Converter

Clipconverter is probably the fastest candidate here, although the number of files supported is not that large as compared to many of the other entries. Simply paste in the URL, select your output format and press go: make sure to select WAV as the output format as well. The converter will then do its work well. Depending on how fast the server is and how big your input file is, the converter, we hope, will not disappoint you at all. 

Online Convert

Online Convert is probably the best one we have in our wee list here. It has a huge range of media conversions, and it covers the most important file formats for our daily use as well. Simply upload or use a URL, and you will then be able to download files in almost all of the popular audio and video formats. Simply select the format from the menu which is on the left-hand side, paste the YouTube URL or simply upload a file from your local device, and then select the resolution you want in the output. If you are a pro, you can also select sampling rate and channels if yo want to. The work will then be completed smoothly.


Convert2MP3 is also very similar to the other entries in the list with one exception: it has a built-in search engine inside it as well. This means that while you are converting the video to WAV, you can also do some work on the side by using this as well. Unlike the name, the converter can also convert the media into other formats, including WAV as well. 

Remember; downloading YouTube videos are legal, converting all of them to any format you like may not be legal all the time. Also, some of the formats may not be supported using this list of how to convert YouTube videos to WAV. So you must take some special care while doing this kind of stuff. 

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