Best SNES Games of All Time to Ensure a Healthy Dose of 1980s Nostalgia

Best SNES Games: The history of modern gaming is a rich and highly complicated one. It takes a lot of twists and turns and sometimes bypasses some of the contenders to the throne of the most popular game or most popular gaming console or other titles like that. The same was true in 1983 as much as it is true right now. Why are we referring to 1983? Well, in that year, the world witnesses two events which changed the way gaming is seen as an industry. The first event was the video game crash of 1983 and the second was the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System on July 15 of 1983. Today, we shall see which are the best SNES games of all time.

What are the Best SNES Games?

The video game crash of 1983 decimated the then-booming second generation console industry and wiped out many smaller companies, and lasted for nearly a year. It then fell to Japan to consolidate and revitalize the industry, a turnaround which was led from the front by Nintendo, now a household name. The NES was an 8-bit home video game console which saw massive cult popularity and was voted the ‘single greatest video gaming console in history’ by IGN in 2009. The NES was followed by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES, and we shall also talk about the best SNES games since most of the titles remained the same.

Some of the best Nintendo games ever are from this generation and have achieved a nostalgic value not easily achieved. Since these games are easily overlooked thanks to the invasion by modern games with advanced technology, we decided to rank the best NES games of all time in one small list so that you could read it from anywhere you liked. So, in case you have one such game stashed somewhere or bought from eBay, you may consider browsing through this page.

Top 10 Best SNES Games of All Time History

Here we will be listing as much as 10 best SNES games which any gamer can play and enjoy for sure. We have also mentioned few nes games for Android as well. So have fun with these best Nintendo DSI games by going through these amazing list of best nes games of all time.

  • Duck Hunt: Duck Hunt is just the repetitive sort of mindless violence that is also seen onboard such present-day classics as Angry Birds. This game was not very popular initially and had to be packaged alongside Super Mario Bros. Just the way the 8-bit theme music plays is something which has driven us again and again to play this timeless classic. The game is very simple: you have a handheld gun, the NES Zapper light gun. You simply had to use it to shoot ten ducks in every level to advance to the next one. Famous for the smiling dog which appears if you scored a duck!
Best SNES games

Duck Hunt: One of the Best SNES games of All Time

  • Batman: The Video Game: Built on the excellent source material from the comic books, this game was given the go-ahead only after the success of Tim Burton’s 1989 movie, Batman. It had very advanced gameplay for its time and was noted for the pacing. You could choose between a variety of weapons to use. including fan favorites like the bat spear gun, the dirk, and the notable Batarang. A popular game if you could get your hands on it. This one is certainly one of the best snes games of all time for sure.
Batman- The video game

Batman: The Video Game

  • DuckTales: A franchise linked tie-in to the animated cartoon series of 1989. Stars Scrooge McDuck alongside his nephews in his ongoing quest to gather gold from around the world. It has a very non-linear gameplay and better, tighter controls and better animation than many previous games. Thanks to the reboot of the TV series this year, the game may receive better publicity too.

DuckTales is on our list of top NES games of all time

  • Contra: Contra is to ’80s gaming what Stallone was to the action movies of the same decade. The muscular heroes developed by Konami got to blow things up with guns, and you could also play in a co-operative mode given the mindless violence of the gameplay. This combination of ammunition and testosterone is too good to resist.


  • Jackal: This game concerns the retrieval of POWs from an enemy camp and boasts of certain advanced features including a heavy-duty rocket launcher and a machine gun. This list is one of the Nintendo best selling games of all time. This run-and-hide game is still relevant. You incur damage when you die in the game and all the traditional tropes are also present.

Cover art of the Jackal video game for NES

  • Super Mario Bros.: This is the one game which turned the whole genre around, Super Mario Bros. The game epitomizes Nintendo’s dictum of “easy to learn but difficult to master.” You played as Mario and you had to rescue Princess Peach from the hands of the evil Bowser. You could collect coins throughout the game and also apparently pioneered the entire concept of side-scrolling. An effective game which is still relevant to this day. It is undoubtedly one of the best SNES games ever made by the developers.

Super Mario Bros

  • Tetris: Upon its release, it was declared as the “Soviet Mind Game.” This instantly addictive and eminently playable game is something which modern game developers can only aspire towards. It is still a must-have on many lists of best NES games for Android mobile devices as well.


  • Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy was the ultimate example of how matured gameplay could substitute lack of technology. This game also redefined the RPG genre and was what Goldeneye 007 was to the FPS genre. Final Fantasy borrowed a lot of concepts from the Dragon Warrior series of games and an overworld map, multicharacter parties, and character classes. It also spawned an entirely new franchise.

Final Fantasy

  • The Legend of Zelda: This game is still fashionable among old-school gaming enthusiasts. It all came in a simple golden box and it opened up to reveal an entire universe. The weapons arsenal was interesting and the attention to detail was outstanding. The NPCs which lead to the dungeons which have their own unique challenges is also something which is keenly appreciated.

The Legend of Zelda

  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Or SMB 3 as it is better known, this is the game that boasted of Mario’s Tanooki suit. This is the second Super Mario game on this list which means that this game is really special. Sometimes in this game, Mario could also fly and find secrets off-screen. There are mini-games interwoven inside this game and the levels can b, achieved in a number of ways. In short noone should doubt its inclusion in this list of best SNES games of all time list for sure.
Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3

Wrap Up

This list of the best SNES games is not supposed to be exhaustive and is certainly not meant to be one either. Certainly, in case you have not seen your favorite game here, you are more than welcome to use the comments section below. Also, in case you have any suggestions or advice that you wish to see added here, scroll down below.

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