The Best Password Managers of 2018 Listed and Reviewed

Best password managers: We hope that you still aren’t using your kid’s birthday as your universal passwords for all of your devices! Because in 2018, with the WannaCry attack behind us, the demands of cybersecurity has grown exponentially. In this day and age, a single password is not sufficient to ensure proper security for all the various devices that we use. This is why we have listed the best password managers of 2018 in order to show you what you are missing out on in case you are not using one.

Criteria for choosing the best password managers of 2018

There are certain criteria for choosing the password managers that are the best. First and foremost, most modern password managers have a separately installed program on the device that acts as a master key for accessing your accounts. It should also have its own browser plug-in which runs every time you log on. It should also offer to save your credentials automatically.

Once you log on, it should offer the same credentials to then be automatically filled in. In case you have saved multiple logins for a site, it should ideally have multiple account login options. Some of the top password managers also have an option of saving each site’s passwords individually and then offer you a browser toolbar menu of the saved options; one click and you are logged into your desired account or site.

Lastly, some of the best password managers are often free, with some more premium options accessible upon the payment of sum subscription charges. Whether you want a free or a paid password manager is something that we leave for you to decide.

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Best Password Managers of 2018: The Complete List

Given below is the list of the top password managers that you can seriously consider.

  • LastPass: LastPass is definitely one of the best such managers there is. It comes in two separate flavors: free and premium. This is both a password manager and generator and it is very easy to use. LastPass can easily store any number of unique and different logins inside a secure virtual vault which you can then lock using your own master password. This is the only password that you need to remember. LastPass also automatically fills our your online forms in no time and saves you time. It uses multi-factor authentication to help protect the valuable contents.
Best password managers of this year

LastPass is one of the best password managers

When you purchase the premium edition, you can sync your master vault across various devices that you own. Extra money paid also means that you can generate and even save passwords for your desktop applications. It also lets you share your secured folders with custom permissions with others. The passwords that are generated by the premium version are virtually unbreakable. Keeping in mind the user-friendly nature of the interface, this is a must-have.

  • DashLane: DashLane makes it to this list based purely on its features. This is probably the closest competitor that LastPass has and is extremely user-friendly. It features a one-click password generation feature, as well as world-class security features. It can even store your note for any future reference. One added feature is that it is not just a Windows program; it also features browser plugins as well as mobile versions.
One of the tested and best password managers for you


Similar to LastPass, this too has a premium version. For a year of use, you need to pay about $39 (works out to £30 or AU$50). However, the free version too boasts the essential features: you receive the core password manager, and the superb autofill and the digital wallet features. Before you blindly trust all the ads for other password managers, you should try out this option. DashLane’s Project Mirror may also eliminate the passwords altogether. These are the reasons why we have chosen it as one of the best password managers.

  • RoboForm: This is the best password manager for Windows desktops. It also consists of free mobile apps essential for syncing. The free version is probably as good as any other password manager and adds an unlimited number of log-ins. It supports multi-platform support and also has an emergency access feature.
RoboForm is rated as one of the best password managers by the users

RoboForm on our list of the best password managers

While fundamentally a free program, like the other entries on this list, this one too has its premium version; for a year’s worth of use, it charges $19.95 or £15.95 and goes all the way up to £59.95 for five years. RoboForm also boasts family subscriptions that are available for up to five users. It has a very strong password generator and can sync easily with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. The password generator is particularly strong with special characters.

  • KeePass Password Safe: This addition to the list is an open source one. KeePass may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the other entries but the user-friendly nature of this password manager takes the cake. It boasts of keen security features and supports multiple users. Take the downloadable plug-ins into account and this is an excellent password manager.
Best free password manager


There is a specific quality which the password generator of this manager has: it produces finely tuned entry keywords for those sites which have their own specific requirements. KeePass Password Safe offers a portable installation feature: it offers installation on a PC via a USB drive. It also has its fair share of customization options which make it more usable. Given the open source nature, it is ideal for security probes and extra inspections. It’s one of the best password managers that come at free of cost!

  • Sticky PasswordThis comes from the team behind the bestselling AVG Antivirus. Having an antivirus guru behind you ensures security. This entry in our best passwords manager list also comes with both the two versions: free and premium.
Secure passwords with Sticky password manager

Sticky Password

The premium edition also comes with added options for cloud syncing as well as security backup. The backup is $29.99/£19.99  every year. Should you so desire, you can also purchase a lifetime license which costs $149.99/£96.99. No other premium password manager now offers this feature. This is thus a great option for the users.

Wrap up

Before we leave you to make the decision on which of these best password managers you should download or buy, you are advised to do some original research by yourself so that you can decide which of these is best for you. Stick with us as we update this list in the coming days and months.

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