Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC For Developing and Testing

Best iOS Emulators: Although Android leads the race in terms of user base, there is no denying the fact that Apple strives to achieve only the best for its iOS platform- the chief rival to Android. This rivalry has resulted in some of the best out-of-the-box app solutions from the house of the latter, which can only be experienced by those who own an iPhone or an iPad. Now let us consider two scenarios. In the first one, you do not own an Android device but have a Windows PC at your disposal. All you need is an Android emulator like AMIDuOS or Nox App Player and you will be able to run most Android apps and games without any hassles. In the second scenario, you do not own an iPhone but have a Windows PC. It is only natural to deduce that you will now have to make use of the Best iOS Emulators to get the same results as the last one, right?

best ios emulators for windows

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Sadly, the second situation is a tad difficult, for iOS Emulators for Windows are not as widely known of or even available as their Android counterparts. But we are here to help you overcome those hurdles, so just read this post through to know everything that you need to know about the best iOS emulators.

What Is An iOS Emulator?

To emulate essentially means to imitate or reproduce something, and that is the premise that such software is built upon. Much like an Android emulator, the best emulators for iOS are such tools that let you use most of the iOS apps on your Windows PC. Without going into too many of the technical details, they achieve this effect by creating a fully functional iOS interface within the PC, which in return creates an environment fit for iOS-exclusive apps and games. Such tools were originally created for developers wishing to test their apps for a particular system, but more and more people are getting their hands on these because they offer an inexpensive solution to the lack of an iPhone or an iPad. Once you install an emulator, the software will help set up another system on your PC. Most will require you to sign in and continue using as regular.

Top 3 Best iOS Emulators for Windows for Developers

If you are a tech enthusiast or an app developer interested in testing your apps in an iOS environment, you can try any of the best iOS emulators for PC that we have carefully curated below. Take a look below.


SmartFace is one of the most widely regarded iOS emulators for Windows and can be used completely free of cost. Besides, it is also a rare example of a complete and fully functional emulator for both iOS and Android, making it one of the most trusted names among app developers and companies. Developing on SmartFace is one of the easiest ways to create iOS apps and one can choose any system that they wish to develop for. The best part is the interface, which makes it incredibly easy to tinker around and experiment. If you are a pro developer, this is the one to go for.

Xamarin Testflight

One of the best iOS emulators for Windows, the Xamarin Testflight program can be used by developers to develop apps from the ground up and test them for the iOS platform. It’s also one of the most prominent platforms for the purpose and is incredibly easy to download and install the software on the Windows PC. This best iOS emulator does not come for free, but it warrants the best way test Apple apps for the iOS. Unlike many other emulators, you can run every iOS app compatible with iOS 8.0 and above on the Xamarin Testflight platform.


Another name among the best iOS emulators for PC, Appetize.ios’s tool enables developers to seamlessly create, test, and run iOS apps on their PC without running into the problems associated with the same. Besides being an emulator for iOS devices, it also functions as a capable Android emulator for PC. You can try out the service by going to their webpage here, where you can get a demo for free. Subscription charges will apply after the demo runs out.

Best iOS Emulators for PC for Rookies

If you just seek to download one of the best iOS emulators for recreational purposes, then we are happy to state that the list below would serve as the perfect guide to begin with. However, you can also install the ones above if you are confident enough.


Unlike SmartFace, iPadian is an iOS simulator, which means that it only recreates the overview of an iOS environment inside the PC, and not immersively emulate it. So in that respect, iPadian is a rather limited tool that does not include direct access to the Apple App Store or let you run whatever iOS apps you want on your PC. It also isn’t a developer-friendly tool. But it does work great for people who wish to experience the iOS platform, especially that on the iPad, on their PC without actually buying the devices. If you have used an emulator before, your experience with iPadian will be different, and somewhat shallow. But it is a popular software for fuss-free use.

AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone can be best described as the iPhone version of iPadian. The AIR iPhone application, being an Adobe AIR application, requires Adobe AIR to be installed on your Windows PC before actual use. However, all it does is replicate the iPhone’s GUI on your PC and hence, does not allow testing. It does come with a host of pre-loaded apps that will let you get a feel of using an iPhone. You can also change the orientation of the AIR iPhone interface for the closest possible experience.

Wrap Up

It is reasonable to think that getting hold of the Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC is substantially difficult to come across because they aren’t as well advertised as the Android emulators. But if you are a budding developer, the three we have listed here are some of the best you can get hold of. For rookies wanting to get an experience, we have provided simulators as an option, for emulators are more complex. However, if you are no stranger to emulators, then you can make use of any of the tools listed here and get exploring. Found this article to be of help? Share it widely with your friends.

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