The Very Best Horror Movies on Netflix That You Can Watch Right Now (Updated 2017)

Best horror movies on Netflix: Horror movies are a raison d’être of modern moviegoers. Certain movies and directors of the horror genre have made their mark on cinematic history. The genre of horror movies has so much variety that it is difficult to discern which ones to watch. Besides, since Netflix is one of the world’s foremost streaming media providers and video on demand or VOD service providers. We have assembled a list of the best horror movies on Netflix which will satisfy even the most hardened horror viewer and will let you know which ones you can watch and which movies you can safely give a miss.

The best horror movies on Netflix for 2017 has been made keeping three primary criteria in mind. One is how innovative or creative the movie is a horror vehicle. The second is how beautifully crafted the movie is and how it serves to act as a standalone cinematic venture. Lastly, we have also kept a margin for variety on this list since some common genre tropes have multiple movies, like the zombie movie genre or the found footage genre.

Best Horror Movies on Netflix (2017)

This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list and is not intended to be one either. Note that the list is not arranged in any manner of preference.

  • The Sixth Sense (1999): The movie that catapulted the hitherto-unknown director M. Night Shyamalan to stardom, it deals with a boy who apparently sees dead people, as evidenced from one of its famous dialogues. It was nominated for Best Pictures at The Oscars, one of those rare horror gems to have been accorded such an honor. It has a linear narrative and features a great role by Bruce Willis, who is normally known for his tough-guy roles. Watch it for the surprise ending and excellent practical effects which do not descend into traditional tropes.
The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense. Now on Netflix

  • Starry Eyes (2014): Starry Eyes is a lesser-known gem which has received a cult status thanks to a positive word-of-mouth publicity. The duo of writer-directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch have once again shown that there is no substitute for a good plot. It deals with a struggling starlet, played by Alex Essoe, in Hollywood and how she faces increasing difficulties in gaining fame and recognition. The third act has a lot of body horror which will help in satisfying even the most hardened of gorehounds. Watch it and we are sure that you will also rate it as one of the best horror movies on Netflix. We recommend to enjoy it with your friends in a dark room and we can bet you will enjoy more.
Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes. One of the best horror movies on Netflix 2017

  • Gerald’s Game (2017): This is the most recent entry in this list. Gerald’s Game is an adaptation of the Stephen King’s novel and it is the second movie of the year based on a King novel, the other one being It. Director Mike Flanagan casts a splendid Carla Gugino in the role of Jessie. It stars an in-form Bruce Greenwood and deals with a woman whose husband dies while they are engaged in a sex game. Also boasts some of the most nail-biting scenes in recent history, something which we cannot disclose here. (Naturally!)

Gerald's Game

  • Jaws (1975): Jaws is perhaps the first summer blockbuster and it falls somewhere between an action adventure, a great sea-faring tale, and an effective addition to the horror genre. Somewhere under the rolling seas is a Great White Shark out to hunt unsuspecting swimmers. It is up to the sheriff of a small town, aptly named Amity Island, a marine biologist, and a retired submariner/sea adventurer to save the day.
Jaws on Netflix

Jaws is on Netflix best horror movies list

  • Let us Prey (2014): The movie stars Liam Cunningham and a host of others and is a delight for splatter-hounds. Note that this movie may not be available in all regions, and if that is the case, you can use a VPN. You can also check out a list of the best VPN services for Android right here. It deals with a mysterious stranger who comes to a town and gradually starts possessing both the minds and the bodies of the people. Great choice for those who like a twist in the tail/tale. We personally rate this as one of the best horror movies on Netflix even at present time!

Let Us Prey streaming on Netflix

  • REC (2007): This is the only movie on the list which is not in the English language. This 2007 Spanish zombie horror film is ideal for those who believe in adding a slight element of involvement to their horror movies. REC is a member of the found footage genre and is a must see in case you are looking for a visceral horror movie. It deals with a rookie journalist who joins a team of emergency and fire services workers as they respond to a crisis. What happens next is terrifying. This is also one of the must-haves in case you are looking for best horror movies Netflix Canada.

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  • Dog Soldiers (2002): The premise of the film is a simple one: a group of elite soldiers are trapped inside a remote house and are hunted down by a group of anthropomorphic werewolves. This British film is part gore, part stiff-upper-lip humor, and a great horror movie that you can stream right now on Netflix. Vastly under-appreciated gem.
Dog Soldiers

A key scene from Dog Soldiers

  • Train to Busan (2016): This South Korean take on the ‘zombies on a train’ is a delightful departure from the traditional tropes of the now-burnt-out genre. Director Sang-ho Yeon makes it seem like a race against time in this apocalyptic zombie scenario and the movie is full of clever camera tricks. Not only are the zombies fast, they are also rabidly infectious. And they also manage to be much more believable than, let’s say, World War Z.
Train to Busan

Train to Busan now available on Netflix

  • Baskin (2015): This is a Turkish movie and means ‘police raid.’ A story of how 5 police officers wander into hell, it is aptly described as part A Nightmare on Elm Street, part Hellraiser. Full of eye-popping gore and elements of deviant sexuality, dreams, and childhood, this is one good entry for the best horror movies on Netflix streaming right now.
Baskin Cover

Baskin is a great Turkish movie

  • Silent Hill (2006): This is a horror video game movie adaptation which will make you question the boundaries of faith and belief. At its heart, Silent Hill is about a mother searching for her missing adopted daughter, who witnesses a terrifying transformation of the city that she lives in and has lived in for years. An eerie atmosphere, splendid sound effects, and day-for-night effects. The emotional core of the movie is also gut-wrenching and, at the same time, highly charged.
Silent Hill

A still from Silent Hill

Wrap Up

Should you not find your favorite on this list of the best horror movies on Netflix, you can always use the comments section to let us know directly what you think. You can bookmark us or visit the other pages on our site to know other miscellaneous things. Stay tuned for further updates on great movies from various genres available on Netflix.

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