10 Best Hookup Apps 2019 For Adventure & Variety (Updated)

Best Hookup Apps 2019: Hookup. This is one word that has changed in definition many times in the last few decades. While it was once thought to be a dangerous word, one that was likely to morally corrupt innocent and fun-loving young men and women, this is not the way the word is looked upon right now. Hookups or affairs are a common phenomenon nowadays as gender equality and rights awareness has risen exponentially. So, without further ado, we present the 10 best hookup apps of 2019 that you can use right now. The question is not which of these apps you can use (you can, of course, use all of them). The question is: will you use these apps, a decision best left to the readers. Let us begin.

Best Hookup Apps

Best Hookup Apps 2019 (Updated List)

Best Hookup Apps 2019
: Thumb Rules to Remember

Before we list the ten best hookup apps, we should let you know that there are some thumb rules which must be followed when using the best dating apps. Some of them are:

  • Always arrange a meeting at a private place. Use public transport whenever you arrange a meeting. Having your own transportation is also a good idea.
  • A bit of a background check on the person you are going to meet (on Twitter, Facebook etc) wouldn’t do you any harm.
  • Inform some of your friends whom you are going to meet and where.
  • It is best to speak on the phone with your date before you arrange a physical meeting.
  • If there are any inconsistencies between who the person said he/she is and who they really are, avoid any further contact.
  • A brief fling is good as long as you go by your gut instinct.

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10 Best Hookup Apps of 2019 (The Evergreen List)

Hookups are as old as human history itself, only that modern technology has made it far easier. With that in mind, and with your smartphone by your side, here is the list of the ten best hookup apps of 2019.

  1. Tinder: Tinder is universally acknowledged as the app which started an entire genre of such apps. Tinder boasts of having successfully arranged more than 20 billion matches. It introduced a generation of people to swipe left or right, depending on whether or not you liked the potential match. Swiping left means you like someone. The mantra of the app is simple: Swipe. Match. Chat. Date.

Pros: Has the biggest database. Has some of the best features. A more premium paid version arranges for password protection and other suitable features. Get up to five Super Likes every day and one boost per month with the paid version.

Cons: Has a lot of fake profiles.

2. Blendr: With the simple philosophy of ‘Chat, Flirt, and Date’, Blendr has received a lot of attention in the last few months. It asks to be linked to your Facebook profile and has a lot of single men and women up for some wholesome fun. This is also one of the best free dating apps and the more info you add to your profile, the more info you receive in return. Arguably it is one of the best hookup apps ever developed for our generation.

Pros: Easy to use and free for iPhone users. Has around 180 million users. Decent user interface. Ideal for 20-something youngsters who want no-strings-attached fun and entertainment.

Cons: Again, a lot of fake profiles. Has a lot of advertisements which can be annoying.

3. Tingle: Tingle is a chatting app first and a dating app later. Onboard is the ‘like’ feature which means that two users must first ‘like’ each other to send text messages, pictures, and, should you so desire, voice and even video calls. The chat service means that you need not display your personal number to everyone.

Pros: Safe and effective. Useful for harmless flings. Ideal for youngsters.

Cons: Some male users we came across can be real perverts.

4. Disckreet: Disckreet is one app which is recommended as one of the best apps for dating for Apple users. You can share your intimate and secret photos without any worry. Both partners have to enter their passcodes separately for the photos/messages to be able to access these secrets. Ideal for those who wish to be romantic but only in private.

Pros: Secret and discreet…err, we mean Disckreet!

Cons: Not available on Google Play Store.

5.  OkCupid Dating: One of the older apps. It creates perhaps the most detailed and incisive user profiles so that you always know if you have met the right person. The app can be customized according to your tastes. So, whether you are a dog or a cat person, or a foodie or a Zen master, you will be able to meet your perfect match.

Pros: App is lightweight and easy to use. Great free service

Cons: Navigability is an issue.

6. Pure: As the name suggests, this free dating app is meant for short flings. Ideal for like-minded people who are looking for pure hookups and nothing else, it is a very decent app which also has one unique feature: if you are looking for a hookup or a fling in real time, it will show you who is available and in which locality.

Pros: Real-time hookups possible. Privacy guaranteed as your photo and tagline will only show for one hour at a time. Essentially the main reasons why this is on our list of the 10 best hookup sites.

Cons: You don’t have any time for a background check on the date.

7. 3Somer, earlier known as 3nder (or ‘Thrinder’), is the best dating app for threesomes. This unique app is meant for you, your partner, and another stranger, doing whatever is on your mind. We are not giving you any suggestions but you can try out this app in case you are in the mood for some polyamory.

Pros: Great app for threesome hookups. Unique interface.

Cons: Doesn’t have too big a user database.

8. Mimitate: Combines selfie-taking with Netflix. The process is relatively simple. First, the men post their selfies with what they’re currently watching. The women then imitate the selfies that they like, which leads the men to chat with their favorites. Quite a simple idea, come to think of it.

Pros: A novelty value is definitely there. Also, the interface is pretty decent. A really worthy contender to the throne as far as the 10 best hookup apps are concerned.

Cons: Loses its charm after a while.

9. Whiplr: Ideal hookup app for kinky users who are looking to have a fun time. We must understand that certain people have fetishes which need to be fulfilled.

Pros: Ideal for those who are on the kinky side, unlike many other apps which appear prudish.

Cons: Free version offers limited service. Premium/paid version can be pretty costly.

10. Her: This is clearly the best hookup app for LGBTQ community. Her describes itself as a feminist dating app and it has to be taken pretty seriously. A significant number of people are nowadays coming out of the closet and it is high time that we recognize an alternate sexual orientation. This app is a progressive one and thus makes it to our list of the best dating apps of 2017.

Pros: Not just another dating app, adds value and substance to any casual fling. Also ideal for keeping one’s sexual orientation secret.

Cons: App navigability is rather poor.

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11. Down: Down is an app which is really free from any pretensions. This app is not for those who are looking for a longtime relationship. Instead, Down is simply about how to get laid with minimum fuss. In fact, the app is categorized specifically into two categories; one is meant for casual flings while the other is dedicated to the ones who are looking for a relationship. It is not restricted only to the straight folks out there: LGBTQ people are also welcome with open arms.

Akin to Tinder, this app also has the swipe function, only that the option is a swipe up or down. An up swipe indicates that you want to go on a date with that person. A down swipe indicates that you want to get down and dirty. It is that simple.

Pros: Has an excellent User Interface that is modern to boot. Also, the onboarding process is simple.

Cons: A limited database of users who can be accessed.

12. Coffee Meets Bagel: Coffee Meets Bagel is a unique site which can be used for a variety of reasons and also with hookups in mind. The name of the app is justified as you can use it to get laid or get into a romantic entanglement. It is a reliable app meant for like-minded people to get into a relationship. Also, it has a distinct user strategy: a man has to make the first move with the woman free to make the final relationship. In this way, this app sets itself apart from the crowd of other apps in this list of the best hookup apps.

Pros: Innovative nature is attractive. Safe and reliable from our first impressions.

Cons: Limited number of users is unhelpful.

Does Dating Apps help you find Your Ideal One

Well, there are many stories online where a couple met online via dating apps, fell in love, get married and live a beautiful life together. However, there are stories about mishaps or bad experiences as well. There is an infographic created by PeopleFinders on this topic which we are embedding here to help you understand this thing in a much better way.

Love on the Internet: Do Dating Apps Lead to a Real Relationship?
Love on the Internet: Do Dating Apps Lead to a Real Relationship?

Final Words

Did you find your favorite dating app on our list of the 10 best hookup apps of 2019? Do let us know. Whenever you use this list for your next fling, be sure to follow our guide to a safe dating experience as well. And now that you have been with us till this point, we wish you a very happy date! Feel free to browse our site should you feel like it.

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