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Are you planning on growing plants in an indoor environment? Then growing tents could be the first thing you should be looking for on the market. Do you know why? It is because controlling the indoor growing condition is very crucial for the plant’s growth and availability of water, temperature, soil etc comes second. If you do not succeed in getting yourselves a good quality grown tent, then the plants will not grow.

Here are some advantages of grow tents

  1. A grow tent could allow you to control the interior climate therefore, enabling good plant growth
  2. Controlling the odor of manure and fertilizers could be done with ease
  3. A grow tent could protect your plants from pests
  4. It could protect your plant, seed, and flowers from outsiders

Purchasing a top grow tent is not an easy task, there are some factors that you should seriously consider

  1. Size – There more than a million models of grow tents available on the market today. It is very important that you first decide the number of plants you need to grow and the area you need to have enclosed. Once you have decided the area and the number of plants you need to grow, then select the size of the grow tent accordingly.
  2. Ideal height – A grow tent could be of any height, it should be selected based on the type of plat you try planning to grow. If it’s a small plant that could grow not more than a certain height then you could consider buying a comparatively short height grow tent. On the other hand, it is a tall growing plant then consider buying a tall grow tent. However, to my point of view, it is better that you consider buying a grow tent with a minimum height between 5-7-feet
  3. Number of chambers – If you are serious about growing some plants in your grow tent and if you are planning on growing more than one type of plant, then you would definitely need a grow tent with an array of chambers or a multiple grow tents. So, first decide how many types of plant you would be growing in the indoor
  4. Durability – It is not that easy to set up a grow tent and start growing plants that you desire. I was never that easy and it will never be an easy task, as the plant growth demands adequate conditions and any change in conditions would affect the growth. So, it is very important that you consider purchasing a grow that is made of durable material and that comes with long term manufacturers guarantee. So that you will not have to keep switching the grow tent every now and then.
  5. Ducting and cord ports – To grow plants in a grow tent, ventilation is an integral part as it is adequate for the growth of the plants. Therefore, it is very important that you purchase a grow tent with ducting/port features. check grow tents reviews on big sites.


A grow tent is something to be purchased with utmost care.

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