The Best Free Cloud Storage Services of 2018 Listed and Ranked

Best free Cloud storage services: Cloud storage services have really taken off ever since the advent of modern Internet services that promise uninterrupted access to online services. The appeal of Cloud storage is pretty understandable: they can store all your data and files and store them for safekeeping online, and they also provide access to these files via any device that can access the Internet. Keeping the growing popularity of such service providers in mind, we have drawn up this list of the best free Cloud storage services.

Now, you must understand that while most of the Cloud services are paid ones nowadays, there are certain providers which offer free services. Free Cloud services are something that must be able to provide adequate storage space- for free- for most of your important files. In short, if your hardware is damaged or stolen, you must be able to access them online and remotely. The storage services must also be able to provide you a link that you can share with your acquaintances.

The free Cloud storage services should also have adequate security for any sensitive documents in your possession. There must be adequate ease of use, support for multi-platform operations, and the service should be free of any restrictions on either file size or bandwidth. With these criteria in place, let us look at the list.

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Best Free Cloud Storage Services of 2018: The List

This is the only list of the best services of 2018 that you need to refer to.

  • Google Drive: Most of us are users of Google’s services and chances are we are already using Google Drive. It offers a free storage allowance (expandable) of 15 GB. It is already the most commonly used Cloud storage service in the world. Keep in mind that you can use only the Google Drive service even if you are not using any other Google service. Signing up is free and is easy.
Popular free cloud storage services

Google Drive

In case you like their service, you can choose to register your Android smartphone and the free storage space will then be boosted. For easy access from mobile devices, Google has also developed free mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. This means that you will be able to access all your important files on the go. The Backup and Sync desktop app allow you to easily synchronize the files in your Cloud from your desktop. Sharing files with other users is extremely easy too. This is why it’s considered as one of the best free Cloud storage.

  • pCloud: At first glance, the name might not be as familiar as the preceding entry. However, pCloud has recently been nominated as one of the best Cloud storage providers. Initially, you will be provided with a free storage space of 10 GB. pCloud also offers a gratuitous bandwidth allowance of 50 GB per month.
Free cloud storage services


While we are dealing with free Cloud storage services, we must also remember that pCloud offers excellent paid plans too. If you like their services, you can opt for their lifetime storage services. To upgrade to 500GB of space, a one-time payment of US$125 is necessary. Also, in case you want a whopping 2TB of Cloud storage, a payment of US$249.98 is necessary.

Like all other comparable Cloud services, pCloud too has several ways of increasing the 10GB that is offered for free to first-time customers. You can get 20GB by referring pCloud to your friends. The service is made even better by the free mobile apps and a very well-designed user interface.

  • Microsoft OneDrive: Yet again a household name. However, unlike its competitors, OneDrive offers only 5GB of free space to its new users. That is pretty disappointing and we expect that the giant company will do something about it. It is easy, however, to get up to 50GB of free storage space on this service.
Best cloud storage services by Microsoft

Microsoft OneDrive

Like Google, in case you use Microsoft’s services, you will love Microsoft OneDrive’s services. In case you use Microsoft Office 365, you are eligible for an upgradation to 1TB. The integration with Outlook.com is rather neat as it is expected. Microsoft OneDrive is also tied in beautifully with Windows 10 and the free mobile apps make it easy to access across platforms.

You can share OneDrive links with your acquaintances even if they’re not subscribers of the service. This makes it easy to use and to share. You can also edit your files online without needing to download them, which is a welcome feature.

  • DropBox: DropBox has been described by many users as one of the stalwarts of the best free Cloud storage services. While it is extremely popular, it offers a mere 2GB of free space upon signing up. However, you can increase the amount of free space using various methods: for each referral to friends to join DropBox, you get 500 MB of free space. If you complete the Getting Started guide, you get 250 MB of free storage space. Contributing to the DropBox forum, you will get 250 MB of free storage for every ‘mighty answer.’
One of the best cloud storage services for free

DropBox is one of the best free Cloud storage providers

What DropBox lacks in space, it more than makes up for in the features it offers. DropBox Paper is a great collaborative tool which allows you to restore any files which may have been deleted earlier. If you install the DropBox desktop app, you can also back up your photos automatically.

DropBox has always supported third-party apps and there are desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Like the previous entry, DropBox also allows the editing of files online without having to download them. Overall, in case you do not mind the decreased storage space, DropBox should be the go-to Cloud service for you.

Wrap up

We believe that any one of these best free Cloud storage services will help you arrange, synchronize, and itemize your files and important data both online and on your offline devices. This list is constantly updated, so do keep us bookmarked. Feel free to browse through the other sections of the site. Comments are welcome.

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