Best Facial Recognition Software: Protect your Smartphone and PC from Intruders

Best Facial Recognition Software: If you are using a modern-day high-end smartphone like the latest version of the iPhone or a top-notch PC, then your device must come equipped with a facial recognition sensor. The fingerprint sensor is becoming backdated gradually and the latest biometric authentication the devices are using is the facial recognition system. Facial recognition is often considered as the most reliable and secure method of security measures and thus this technology is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Nowadays, the facial recognition system not only used for security, this technology is also being used in the modern day cameras for clicking better photos. But if you don’t have the capability to buy a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop which boasts facial recognition technology, don’t get upset. There are several facial recognition software available in the web world which you can download and install on your Android or iPhone as well as on Windows PC. In this tutorial, we have discussed on such best facial recognition software which you can use on your respective devices and which serve all the purposes a premium facial recognition software should serve.

Best Facial Recognition Software free download

Best Facial Recognition Software (Updated List)

But before we delve into the list of the top facial recognition software, it is our duty to shed light on the various aspects of such software. It will help you folks to decide which software is good and which features you should check before installing a face recognition software. So we have started with two most common yet important questions- what is a facial recognition system and how does it work?

A face recognition system is a software or an application which is capable of verifying or identifying a person through the person’s digital image the software has stored in its face database. The traditional facial recognition software runs a series of algorithms which analyze and verifies the size and shape of the eyes, position, cheekbones, nose, jaw and other facial features.  With the advancement of the technology, the applications also get advanced and the current superlative face recognition software use three-dimensional face recognition to increase the accuracy and reliability to a great extent.

Top 5 Best Facial Recognition Software (Updated)

Friends we have already explained what is a facial recognition software and its working mechanism. Now it’s time to check the list of the best facial recognition software available in the market. The software we have included in the list are accurate, reliable and comes with loads of features.


TrueKey is a product of the Intel Security Productivity and is one of the best facial recognition software open source available in the market. The best part of this software is it comes with a multi-factor authentication. So with this software, you have to pass through at least two authentication level like fingerprint authentication and facial authentication, so that your profile remains safer. Apart from facial recognition software freeware, TrueKey also doubles a password manager. The software automatically saves all your passwords so that you can access those pages easily.

2>AMD Face Login

The renowned processor making brand AMD has also launched a face recognition software and the AMD Face Login is one of the best facial recognition software for Windows 10. The best part of this software is you can apply it to log on to your favorite websites provided you using an AMD A-Series processor-based PC. You can also set the accuracy level of this software from low to high to enhance the security. Moreover, the face-out feature of this software puts your system to sleep or lock the screen automatically, whenever you leave your PC.

3> FaceLock

If you are looking for a facial recognition software free of cost, then you will not find a better option than FaceLock. The whole security measure of the FaceLock software depends on your face and on your face only. You can use this free facial recognition software to protect frequently used apps and highly confidential files. To avail all the features and functionality of the FaceLock software, you only need to click on the “Enable FaceLock” option and the software will guide you through accordingly.


FaceVault is the best facial recognition software available for the iOS devices like iPhones, iPads or iPods. FaceVault is famous for its reliability and accuracy and uses the front-facing camera of the devices to scan your face. So if you wear a glass or makeup, the software will still easily detect your face. And if still, it fails to recognize your face, the software switches to another mode where you can unlock applications through a pattern-based code.


FaceDetection is another top facial recognition software famous for providing top-notch security to your smartphone and the apps installed in it. Like most of the best face recognition software, FaceDetection also works only when it detects the user’s face. And in case it fails to recognize the face, you can unlock your device through a password provided by the software. You can set the security level of this software from low to high and also can enable or disable the screen lock as per your choice.

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Wrap Up

As the usage of the smartphones and the associated application are increasing day by day, it has become a necessity to make facial recognition software download on your respective devices. So in this guide, we have mentioned a handful of best facial recognition software which you can download and use it on your smartphones or on your PC.

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