Top 5 Best Affiliate Networks in 2019 to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing is one of the success stories of e-commerce. It relies on a simplistic business model, whereby larger retail organizations can offer to defer aspects of their sales channels to small traders via affiliate programs. For the former, this immediately cuts out any need to allocate a portion of their budget for promotional activities as this is no longer their responsibility for the items in question. For the latter, it gives the opportunity to sell popular items without having to purchase them in the first place.

Best Affiliate Networks

Because this is commission based, they are incentivized to pull out all the stops in terms of promoting these products via their own web platforms. When it comes to establishing a new affiliate marketing business, one of the most fundamental steps which can be taken is to sign up to an existing affiliate network. There are many of these to choose from but here are the top five best networks for 2018.

5 Best Affiliate Networks to Help You Make Money Online in 2019


Regarded as the top network in terms of (cost-per-action) CPA conversion, TopOffers taps into the highly lucrative world of online dating. It has global coverage and is exclusively aimed at web and app customers, allowing its affiliates to maximize their profits. They pride themselves in their marketplace position, and the fact they have taken such a portion of the market share in their chosen field. This has enabled TopOffers to offer clients a wealth of experience in terms of developing affiliate programs.

Amazon Product Advertising API

As an e-commerce enterprise, Amazon has become the largest retailer in the USA, with branches in many other outlets. This is obviously an extremely tempting area for any marketer wishing to get involved in trading as it immediately provides a vast marketplace of readily available goods. Becoming a client of Amazon’s affiliate network (Amazon Product Advertising API) gives instant access to over 1 million products which you can sign up to advertise to your own customer base.

Previously known as Amazon Associates, this network presents the opportunity to tap into a particular niche area within the vast range available. Clients can search or browse through an extensive product catalog in order to retrieve detailed information, reviews or images. They can also interface with existing shopping carts, earning up to 8.5% in referral fees.


A key aspect of affiliate networking is that it allows marketers the ability to home in on their specific areas of interest or expertise. Anyone who is running a tech-based website can consider signing up to AvantLink. They are regarded as a leading exponent of technology-based retailing, and because this is such a highly competitive field where innovations are being released on an almost daily basis, it is comforting for the clients to appreciate AvantLink are constantly working to remain at the cutting edge of technology. To achieve this they are always upgrading their platform with updates, as well as ensuring new tools and technology is implemented as soon as it becomes available. The emphasis is always on providing quality rather than quantity, which is an admirable ethos in the cutthroat world of competitive e-commerce.


AffiBank offers a diverse range of affiliate programs on a variety of subjects, with topics nutritional issues, fitness plans, fashion, finance, technology, and virtual currency. The ability to home in on niche areas is only one attractive aspect of the service they offer to marketers. They also offer an incredible 75% commission on sales, which is one of the highest you are likely to come across amongst any of the affiliate marketing networks which are currently operating.

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Wrap Up

So, that’s our list of 5 best Affiliate Networks which we consider good to start earning money online. If you know about some other good affiliate network companies then feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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