Apple Calendar Vs Google Calendar: Who’s the Winner (Let’s Find Out)

Digital calendar applications easily available on any person’s mobile are very vital for him to maintain an organised style of trade. The designers of these applications focus on the efficient function over style. Both the Apple and the Google calendar are a great means to communicate and keep track of all the plans with others. They provide various ways for notification alerts when an event on the calendar is supposed to occur like push notification or maybe a simple ping or maybe an email alert; it can also be put on silent. The calendars have the option of predictive text making it very simple to buy users. During any meeting, the application provides shortcuts for setting the cell on vibration or taking pictures or video or even audio-recording with even the facility of summary emails. It has the added advantage of voice entry support.

Apple Calendar Vs Google Calendar

Apple Calendar Vs Google Calendar

Why use these calendars?

Calendars are very vital to keep track of every single event happening, thus having it virtually is the best option available to humankind. Both the Apple and the Google calendar provide convenience for the users. These digital calendar apps are very colourful and have a spaced-out style presenting a particularly packed schedule in a tidy and organised manner across the mobile app screen. For those whom data security is a deal breaker, Apple calendar is a must as the end-to-end encryption provides the most secure experience available. These calendars provide a very useful labelling system which makes a lot of events clear for the users; it has the feature of room scheduling which avoids overlapping of jam-packed events.

The ‘wow’ factor

The Apple calendar and the google calendar both have vital factors attached to it. First talking about the apple calendar, it easily integrates with Siri, Mail, Uber and Google Maps. It has a clean interface with amazing background pictures. It provides a list of sharing tasks and also helps in easy scheduling of a follow-up. During a meeting, the calendar displays the shortcuts, attendees, directions and notifies the other attendees if the user is getting late via an email or through Skype.

Now coming to the Google calendar, it presents a list of all the upcoming appointments. It integrates perfectly with the Google services and Google maps and also pre-installed on most Android devices. The design is amazing with five different views including an excellent schedule view with also the feature of colour-coding for events scheduled. It presents on-screen and e-mail reminder notifications. It makes the work for the user simple by creating events on the calendar from email messages based on the content sent. It also supports non-Google calendars and allows subscription to public calendars through a web client easily. There are various third-party widgets attached to the app functionality. It is the best option for workplace schedule management mostly because of the sharing feature present in it. The users invite friends, co-workers or family to an event simply by attaching their email address in the “guests” bar highlighted on the app. The users can adjust the time zone and also the privacy settings.

The ‘boo’ factor

With every benefit along comes little problems, similarly, there are little demerits of the calendars too. The apple calendar may give away certain personal and non-personal information to the third parties. It may be pretty slow sometimes or even buggy. It may also lack weather information.  The app is not available or even functional on Android devices. Apple calendar is a little tedious as the email address from the inbox does not automatically get attached, the user has to manually add the guest’s email address on the contact list to be able to schedule an event on the calendar. Adding on to this the Google calendar also has some demerits like it does not present the weather forecast. It has a weak default view, and it is difficult to navigate to the month view, which is not colour coded and may also not show how many events are scheduled in the day. Google tasks are not available on the calendar. There is no availability of the Google calendar on the Mac OS computers or even Windows 10. The new user interface can be a bit puzzling for the user to understand.

The Final Verdict

Finally, it will be prudent to say that the Google calendars have the upper hand over the Apple calendars as they are easier to use, more versatile, much custom-able. Even the non-tech savvy people would not have to face any problems in using the Google calendar, and it would ease the work for even the busiest organisations.  Google calendar makes it very easy for the user to set default notifications for each of the different events scheduled on the calendar.

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