Android Pie Vs iOS 12: Who’s Winning Hearts of the Modern Mobile Users

Android and iOS both are running for software optimization in order to make a fluid experience for the users. Many users mock Android OS for having bugs. But with the some new updates Android is now catching iOS by its neck though a few major improvements are waiting to take place.

Android Pie Vs iOS 12

Android Pie Vs iOS 12 Comparison Analysis

Only by upgrading hardware, we can make the system speedy and smooth to some extents, for a super buttery experience software section needs to be worked on. Android has left some sections unturned for a few years while iOS continued working on. But recently, Android has filed up all the works with consecutive upgrades- Android Oreo and Pie.

Android Pie Vs iOS 12- Best Three Points Comparison

With neck to neck competition, Android and iOS both are working on keeping their user base intact. Let’s find out the differences that are still topics of comparisons while buying a new device.

Battery Power Management

I personally have not found anything that works intelligently to save power in iOS where Android Pie has a new option to minimize the power hungry apps running at background. Some iOS fans claimed that it already has the option as a basic integration to the OS that’s why there’s no such extra dedicated app or option for that.

Don’t disturb Mode

It’s a well planned feature that makes every notification mute during night time so that you can take your time for well deserve rest. Android’s winds down mode has taken this feature a step ahead by making the whole screen in grayscale that makes using the device unattractive. For iOS, we have some apps that do this similar tweaks.

Adaption Time

There’re a lot of confusion on it as Google claimed that adaption time and rate are both better in Android as in a study it has been shown that iOS users’ adaption rate is poor than Android. Adaption rate helps us studying the maturity of using an OS by a user. Apple has been studying on it and probably of designing the OS with an easy to go flow in the iOS 13 which is scheduled to be released in 2019.

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