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5 Tools that Every Web Developer Should Try

In simple terms, web developers are the creators of the style and functionality of the interfaces that interact with users.

They play a very important role in the development of web applications since the new generation of these has become increasingly complex and competitive. In this way, there are several tools to streamline and optimize the overall development process, always with the idea of achieving the best possible user experience. Here are five.

5 web developer tools

Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools are a set of debugging tools built into Google Chrome. DevTools provide developers with access to the internal components of the browser and its web applications. They are used to track design problems efficiently and get ideas for code optimization.

With DevTools you can edit the DOM (HTML) / CSS in real time, debug JavaScript step by step and add a terminal. With this tool you can learn a lot about how a browser actually does its job, allowing you to take full control of your application.


Grunt is a JavaScript task ‘’machine’’. Basically it is a library that allows us to configure automatic tasks, which can end up saving us valuable time in the development and deployment of web applications. It offers a lot of plugins included for common tasks, but also gives you the option to write the tasks you need to cover your needs.


LiveReload is a simple tool that will save millions of clicks to the option to refresh/reload the browser every time you make a change in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It is a web protocol that triggers events to the client each time the files are modified. The client/server is available in various implementations.


Mocha is a powerful JavaScript test framework that will save you a lot of headaches. It runs in Node.js and in the browser facilitating asynchronous code tests, this being its main characteristic. The Mocha tests are executed in series and allow flexible and accurate reports.


Karma is a JavaScript test runner written by the creators of AngularJS. It is the perfect complement to run continuously all those tests you write with Mocha, with real-time feedback. With this test tool you can run tests from your computer to production in continuous mode.

Karma allows you to run your tests in multiple browsers so you can debug your code to the maximum while writing it.

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