4 Apps that will improve your College Life

There is almost an app for everything today, thanks to technological advancements and innovation. College students have unlimited resources to ensure they can improve their performance and social life in school. With a smartphone, you can access everything you need to boost your productivity.

Aside from professional writing services like Ewritingservice.com, mobile applications also ensure that school is easier, cheaper, more fun, and safer. You can now wake up on time, keep fit, organize, and meet all assignment deadlines. Once you know the best study places that allow you to concentrate without distractions, all you need is an app to help you manage your time.

Developing healthy study habits helps you beat procrastination to ensure you get the most out of each day. If finals are looming, consider getting these four apps to help you improve your college life.

1.     Quizlet

Quizlet is a universally recognized study app because it helps students develop good study habits. This is a website that also comes with a mobile compatible app version to ensure you can access it from whichever device. It is an indispensable tool because it helps you create study sets.

For any course that requires a lot of memorizing, this is the app to use. It allows you to develop study sets for all core concepts so that you don’t skip over any concept when you’re studying for your finals. Quizlet helps you boost your knowledge-base by ensuring each day; you learn something new. With this app, you can be sure to remember all the answers when the examination paper is set in front of you.

2.     Google Drive

If you need an introduction to Google Drive, then the chances are that your documents are not in order. This app is your go-to resource when it comes to organizing all your files and documents. It is one of the best cloud services that allow you to submit your assignments with your smartphone.

With Google Drive, you need to fret if you left your laptop in the dorm. You can use the university computers to access your assignments and study notes. You get enough disc space to save all important documents offsite. This way, when cybercriminals hack you, they won’t find information to use. Google Drive is a save cloud solution that helps you protect your data.

3.     Mint

Financial literacy is essential for all college students because, for the first time in your life, you’ll be required to manage your own money. Many college students find themselves struggling to survive in school because they spent all they had on things they did not need. With Mint, you can ensure that your account for every dollar you spend.

This app helps you with budgeting so that you have all the basic needs throughout the semester. This app ensures you leave college financially literate. It can be very tempting to live beyond your means but ensure you check yourself each time you’re crossing the line.

4.     SelfControl

Have no idea how to avoid distractions? SelfControl is the app for you. Studying today can be hard for students when they have all these notifications from different apps popping up on their screen.

Whereas shutting down your phone might sound like a good idea, it’s not a solution because a friend might urgently need your help while you’re offline. So what is the solution? An app that limits the applications that can notify you; this way, you can concentrate and still stay in touch with the world around you.


There you have it, four apps that ensure you have a less challenging college life. These applications ensure you concentrate on your studies and that you can manage your time as well as your finances.

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